Wednesday, June 13, 2018

8 Fun and Social Hobbies for New Retirees

Being a retiree means that you have all the time in the world to chase your hobbies and passions. Of course, it also means that you have an incredible number of choices ahead of you. What are some of the best things you can start doing with your time?

1. Take a Community College Class

Did you know that some colleges will let retirees sit into lectures for free? If there's something you've always been interested in learning more about, consider going back to school. Community colleges often have affordable non-credit courses in a variety of subjects, ranging from the arts to the sciences. You can call to request a brochure -- or look into classes being held at a local community center. 

2. Visit Your Local Community Garden

Community gardens let you plant fruits, vegetables, and even flowers within an active and social space. Gardening is fantastic for both your physical and mental health, and gives you the opportunity to meet other retirees. Many communities already have a garden in place; if you're moving and scoping out new and 55+ communities, you can look for one that has one nearby. 

Many cities also have their own community garden, where you can meet your neighbors and find out more about what's going on in your neighborhood. It's also a fantastic family activity if you want something to do with other family members.

3. Start Playing Games at the Coffee Shop

Many coffee shops today have a wide variety of games, from Chess to Connect 4. You don't need to be an expert "gamer" to start playing games at your local shop; just ask them whether they host any events.

This is a good way to meet people new to the area. In many 55+ communities you can join a card club, and there are services like "" that have groups meant for retirees. 

4. Go to a Dance Class

Dance classes are available for all types of dance, such as traditional ballroom dancing or salsa. If you and your partner want something exciting and fun to do together, you can take up dancing to remain active and romantic.

5. Volunteer

Do you love animals? Building homes? Cleaning up litter? There are dozens of volunteering opportunities you can pick up to give back to your community and meet some new, friendly faces. Schools enjoy having volunteers to do things like read to children or teach kids to read, and mentoring programs lets you connect with kids who may be interested in finding out more about your education or your experience  

6. Learn a New Language

If there's always been a language you've wanted to learn, now may be the time to take a class. It's often difficult to learn a new language until you can fully immerse yourself in it and speak it with others; now you have the opportunity to spend the time on it. You may even be able to take a group trip someday to a location that speaks the language! 

7. Join a Book Club

Many want to read but just don't have the time for it. Consider joining a book club that relates to your interests, such as a true crime book club, or a science-fiction book club. You can discuss books with friends and find new books you might not otherwise read.

8. Get Going!

Want to get yourself moving? Think about joining a yoga club, aerobics club, or cycling. You can start walking or hiking today, keeping both your body and your mind active. If you're looking for a community to move to -- and this idea appeals to you -- try finding a place that has some nice walking trails around it.

If there's ever been anything you've been dying to do, now is the time to do it! Take advantage of all that free time and start making some new friends. And if you're looking to make a move, call us now to find out about our exclusive communities.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Get Ready for Retirement!?

Get Ready for Retirement!?

The title of this blog is a call to action but also a question.  Baby Boomers are entering their retirement years in droves and need to make changes to prepare for the change from work to more play, but also think about making a change to a more accommodating home.  So how do you get ready to retire?  Here are three areas of consideration:

  1. It appears that people who develop interests outside of work, and have a desire to continue those interests, enjoy their retirement more than those who don’t.  They will also be more likely to actually take the plunge into the non-working world.  If our hobbies and activities are enjoyable, healthy, fulfilling, stimulating and rewarding, we are on the right track.  Everyone wants something different out of retirement but we all need to determine how best to spend the rest of our lives whether it be working a part time job, volunteering, babysitting grandchildren, taking care of our parents, traveling, learning a new skill and/or pursuing a new interest.  Our time will hopefully be spent in a perfect mix of family, friends and fun.  We shouldn’t expect to just start from scratch the first day of retirement.
  2. Right-sizing is a task best taken on early and often so that we become nimbler in order to move when ready.  If I had a dime for every time someone has said that they need to “get rid of a lot of stuff before moving” I might have retired early myself.  Removing clutter from your home not only makes you readier to move, it also makes your home more saleable (and easier to stage).  Clean out your closets (attic, basement, garage shed, office, etc.), throw out stuff you have not used in years, donate anything you can, and get your offspring to come take the stuff they have stored for free in your home!  You might find the children don’t want any of their stuff (or your stuff either!).
  3. Think ahead and be proactive about a move to a more accommodating home.  What should it look and feel like?  Test out different styles of homes by renting different places while you travel or vacation.  Vacation Rentals by Owner and AirBNB’s are great opportunities to sample how it would be to live in other types of homes.  Are you looking to up or downsize?  Do you want single family or attached home?  Will one floor be your best option or can you still deal with stairs?  Would an individual home or one in a retirement community better suit your new lifestyle?  The earlier you start giving serious thought to what and where you want to live, the better prepared you will be to make a move.
Knowing you are ready to make a move has everything to do with how you feel about your current home.  If you are feeling that it is no longer working for you, you are also likely thinking about what you do want in your next home.  This is an important step in considering why you are thinking of making a move in the first place.  Moving can be physically and mentally exhausting but the right motivation to move will get you through it.

By preparing for your retirement years well ahead of actually retiring, you will better know when you are really ready to make the move.  And like saving for retirement, it’s never too late to start!  Please feel free to use our Need Help Deciding questions to help.

Kris Jensen III
Get in on the Good Life!®

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The New “Lakeview” in Danbury CT

In 2012 Jensen’s began to revitalize and reconstruct (see October 2016 Blog) our Lakeview community located on Lake Kenosia in Danbury CT.  It had taken years to line up the availability of City Sewer, City Water was already connected.  New water lines were installed throughout the community first, as a low-pressure sewer system was designed and approved.

Once the minor detail of jacking and boring the sewer main under Interstate 84 was completed, the packaged pump stations were ordered and installed.  The connections are now nearly 100% complete.  We are thankful for the help and foresight of the City of Danbury for their assistance and cooperation with this important project.

Over the last ten years we had removed several obsolete mobile homes.  We had been waiting to replace them until recently when the utilities were ready and the community was beginning to look more like a place for housing and less like a construction zone.  Ten new homes were completed and sold in 2016 and four more have been sold this year.  New homes are being constructed by Commodore Homes of PA and built to Energy Star standards.  Homes come in all shapes and sizes with your choice of features.  We also have homes all ready for immediate occupancy.

With the actual reconstruction nearly complete, we look forward to completely restoring a more residential look and feel to Lakeview.  Driveways are being repaved, grass is being replanted, and the staging areas for materials and equipment are beginning to disappear.  The top coat will be paved on all the roadways early this fall as a capstone for the project.

We are pleased that the New Lakeview will see many exciting days ahead for its residents.  Jensen’s takes pride in the reinvestment it makes back into its communities and Lakeview is one of the latest examples.

To find out more about Lakeview, contact Sales Representative Gail Dietz at 914-373-9035.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds with a Land Lease!

Prospective home purchasers sometimes stumble upon and are pleasantly surprised to realize the appeal of land lease communities.  They are out looking for a new home and discover an attractive land-lease community.  The place is immaculate, homes and yards are well cared for, there is a pool and clubhouse, and the home prices are very reasonable.  They fall in love with the concept except the idea of a land lease is new and very different.

Unless home buyers have lived in a manufactured or mobile home community before, the idea can trip them up as it seems to go against what they’ve believed all their lives.  Why should they start leasing land when owning it has worked for many years?

A land lease can work at most any stage of life, but the size of the homes and sites typically attract younger/first time buyers, small families, single people and retirees.  The reason a land lease works is that it enables people to own a single-family home at an affordable price while enjoying the benefits of a private community.

Consider the benefits:
  • Affordable living in a well-maintained community
  • Private community amenities
  • Annual shrub trimming and tree maintenance, landscaped common areas
  • Professional accredited community management
  • Private, enforceable community Rules and Regulations
  • Low-maintenance and right-sized homes cost less, letting you use your money for more enjoyable pursuits with less financial stress

Don’t let a land lease get in the way of simplifying and right-sizing.  Compare your current expenses and worrisome lifestyle to that of buying a home in a land lease community.  You just may find that the financial value and added benefits will allow you to get more out of life!

Kris Jensen III
Get in on the Good Life!®

Friday, November 11, 2016

Escape from an Oversized House!

People of all ages find small and tiny homes very intriguing.  First time buyers are likely looking for something they can afford and are willing to live in a small space to be out on their own.  Having your own four walls is a vast improvement to living with your parents, a less than desirable apartment or with roommates.  Even a small home is your own home.

As people get ready to right size after the children have flown the coop and retire, a smaller and more manageable home can also be the right answer.  The idea is to sell the oversized and underutilized home, free up the equity, and have more freedom to enjoy other pursuits rather than being a slave to a large home and yard.

While shows and websites like Tiny House Hunters or Tiny House Listings are interesting to look at, most of the little dwellings are not in locations that make sense to the vast majority of those who would like to live in a tiny or small home.  Some of the new tiny designs are beautiful but where do you actually live in them?

Consider new manufactured housing or mobile home communities. Either may offer what you are really looking for to improve your life.  They have small home sites that are just right for a small home.  I know, the image that comes to mind initially doesn’t motivate you to look further.  But you will be surprised on the practical home size and affordable price; just what you are looking for.  Also, well-managed manufactured housing communities will surprise you with how pretty, quiet and peaceful the neighborhood can be.

Think of the benefits of living with likeminded people, saving on housing costs, having less work inside and out, and having more time to do what you want to do.  It’s time to escape from your oversized home and try something new!

Kris Jensen III
Get in on the Good Life!®

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Revitalization of Jensen’s Lakeview (Danbury CT)

A manufactured housing land lease community is a long term investment for the community owners and for the home buyers who are also community residents.  Key to keeping a community sustainable is providing amenities and more importantly reliable water and sewer service to residents.

Everybody takes underground utilities for granted!  Many mobile and manufactured home communities however started decades ago with small private water systems with on-site wells.  Individual septic systems adequately provided for the disposal of waste.  Over time, as municipal utilities become available, connections to these systems are made, and the original systems become obsolete.  While city utilities are somewhat more expensive, they relieve the headaches associated with on-site systems and provide very consistent and reliable benefits.

Jensen’s has owned and managed Lakeview off Christopher Columbus Boulevard in Danbury CT since 1963.  For the last 15 years we have been working to bring City sewer to the community and are pleased that the work is nearing completion this fall!

Jensen’s has rebuilt most all of its original communities and this Fall will finish the work at Lakeview.  New home sales have been on hold up until this point.  But now, we are working with the many new buyers ready to Get in on the Good Life!® at Lakeview.  Our first new homes sold last month!  We appreciate the patience of community residents who are looking forward to seeing the vacant home sites filled and their roads repaved.

Revitalizing a community’s infrastructure is fundamental to keeping it sustainable and thriving.  Maintaining longtime residents and attracting new customers with the investment is what makes the work so rewarding.  If you have not been to Lakeview lately, come visit and watch the finishing touches that will really make this community shine in its wonderful location on Lake Kenosia!

Kris Jensen III
Get in on the Good Life!®

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Comfort Design Homes Make Living Easy

There are several key elements that make a house easy to live in and afford.  At JENSEN communities® we package them into what we call “Comfort Design Homes”.  These days many people are looking for ways to simplify their lives but live more freely in a home that doesn’t weigh them down with excessive work or financial responsibility.
Whether you buy a Jensen home or in another location, consider these elements to live with more freedom and time to do what you really want to do:

Simply Affordable
Your new home should be easy to buy and easy to own.  A home in a land lease community allows you to buy more home for less money.  Chose a price point that allows you to buy what you want but also just what you actually need.
Energy Efficient
Homes should be built to Energy Star standards or another efficiency program.  They should provide a more tightly built home and pays you dividends with lower monthly energy costs by using high SEER rated HVAC equipment.  Make sure appliances have Energy Star labels. 

One floor (ranch style) homes just make everyday life easier.  Ask about low/no-step entries, wider doorways and extra maneuvering space as well as tub and shower options to suit your needs.  Even if you don’t need special features today, think ahead so that universal design features can be built right in for the future.
Built for Ease of Living
A well-crafted home should be designed to let you stay in your home.  Lever locks, comfort height commodes and other convenience features will benefit you down the road.  Your builder should have a checklist to let you chose the features that will suit your individual needs.

Custom Options
Select upgrade options allow you to have features and finishes that you have always wanted within certain limitations to ensure the affordability of the construction process.  Homes are available at varying price points depending on specifications.  Make sure you pay only for what you need, want and/or desire!

Jensen’s Comfort Design Homes offer ease of living to fit your needs and lifestyle now and for years to come.  Please feel free to speak to our Sales Team to see how we can help.

Kris Jensen III

Live Smart.
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