Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Time to Get Back on Solid Ground

Hard working people should be able to rely on income from a steady job to pay for food, clothing, shelter, and a few niceties. A moderately paying job should allow the average person to buy a house with a down payment and be able to build equity over time. I don't believe that these matters should be a thing of the past or just things that our parents or grandparents believed in.

Our business and political leaders as well as our regulators have in many ways let us down. It is high time to get back on solid ground. Although I certainly hope that the Federal and State governments do their part to straighten out the mess we are in, each of us needs to take responsibility for our own solid ground. We create our own financial foundation by not getting in over our heads and not letting others entice us to get in over our heads.

Every generation has its challenges. For those of us living and working in todays economy, we will surely have stories to tell our offspring. Hopefully we will be able to tell them how we challenged the norm, took control of our future and set a path that provided current enjoyment and fulfilment of our lives but also set the world straight again.

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