Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What a time to sell a home!

When selling a home it is important that it stands out above the competition in the marketplace. This is not easy (or is it?) with so many homes, short sales, and foreclosures on the market for sale.

Unfortunately for many sellers, they are not thinking businesslike about the sale and putting their best foot forward. This gives those who have the right mindset and are willing and able to do some extra work a chance to make their property shine for a quicker sale at a higher price.

We have been well educated by Barbara Sperry of Relocation Strategies to get sellers to think of the home they are now living in as their current property. “Home” is where they are moving to. By focusing on the sale of their current property as a business transaction, they are more likely to be successful in making the right moves to sell their home.

Please keep this in mind: Buyers are more in tune with the market than sellers. Buyers know a good price when they hear it and know which homes are in the best shape. Sellers typically know their own house and not the market. Sellers tend to think more of their homes than buyers will. In other words (and especially in a buyer’s market) sellers are not fooling today’s buyers.

Before putting your home on the market:
· Get a realistic assessment of price by obtaining an appraisal or a number of broker assessments.
· Clean and freshen the outside of your current property by washing, weeding, mulching, painting, sealing, cleaning, planting and anything else that will give it curb appeal.
· De-clutter the inside of your current property including rooms, attics, basements, shelves, closets, cabinets, and any other overstuffed space.
· Remove excess furniture and stage your home in a way that will best show the room available.
· Remove outdated wall paper and paint in an earth tone color.
· Remove outdated carpeting and stick with neutral replacements.
· Eliminate pet, smoke and other odors.
· Keep the house clean and ready to show. Turn on lights and open curtains and blinds before each showing.

Buyers are looking for homes that are in “move in condition”.

When you think of it, these items don’t need to cost a lot of money and are a small investment when you consider what not doing them will mean for the number of days your current property will be on the market. So get busy and good luck getting to your new home!

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