Friday, July 17, 2009

Accessible EasyLiving Homes-cm

Most all Manufactured Homes are built on one floor. By their very nature they are more accommodating than older homes with multiple floors and narrower passageways.

Customers routinely request changes in specifications to help them live more comfortably in their homes. We are pleased build any feature into a home to make it more accessible and livable for the resident or their guests. These changes typically include ramps to better access the exterior doors to the home, wider doorways to suit their needs, more spacious bathrooms and kitchens, installing select showers or “walk-in” bathtubs, blocking for and affixing grab bars, higher commodes, drive under sinks, lower counters, lever locksets, and numerous other changes as needed by the resident.

We recently encountered a program that sets basic standards for builders to build EasyLiving Homescm. The premise of EasyLiving Homescm is to allow builders an alternative to fully accessible homes that not every customer desires. EasyLiving Homecm features are:

· Easy Access with a step-free entrance from a driveway, sidewalk, or other firm route into the central living area.
· Easy Passage because the exterior door that provides the step-free entrance and EVERY interior passage door on the main level (including bathrooms) is at least a 3’0” or 2’10” door, or a 2’8” pocket door, or other solution that provides 32 inches of clear passage space. Closets are not required to meet the 32-inch clear passage standard, but this can be an added advantage when feasible.
· Easy Use with no less than one bedroom, a kitchen, some entertainment area, and at least one full bathroom with sufficient maneuvering space… all on the main floor.

Jensen communities will be offering EasyLiving Homescm at our Brook Ridge Community in Hooksett NH along with fully assessable homes customized to a buyer’s individual needs. We welcome our customers’ input on how we can make homes that better suit your needs.

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