Friday, July 24, 2009

A Manufactured Home can be a House within your Means

Trailers, coaches, mobile homes, single-wide, house trailer and the like have all been used to name movable dwellings since the inception of the factory built housing industry. Indeed the first homes were truly a unit that you would pull behind the family car. Measuring 8’ x 32’, it could easily be moved and sited.

The villages where these units were placed, either for temporary or long term use, became known as camps or parks. Unfortunately, some became notorious for low grade living as in the “other side of the tracks”. Many of these places earned their reputations. But others thrived and became known for “easy living”.

Today there are two main categories of factory built homes that are shipped over the road in one or more sections and erected on a site. Manufactured Homes are built in a factory to the nationally pre-emptive Construction Safety and Standards Act commonly referred to as the HUD Code. Modular Homes are also built in a factory but must be built to the state code in which they will be sited. The level of quality and finishes are set by the manufacturer just like any home builder. There are actually books available that rate the quality of today’s manufacturers like the one written by John Grissim called “The Grissim Rating Guide to Manufactured Homes”.

Over the history of manufactured homes, the better communities have created permanence for their residents. As long as rent was paid, rules were followed and homes were maintained, residents and/or their homes could remain in “perpetuity”. This would not only create a desirable and affordable place to live, but would allow the homeowners to build equity like any property owner. This creates the best of both worlds where those who take care of their property are rewarded and obsolete homes can be removed so as not to ruin a neighborhood.

This scenario continues to the present in Jensen communities and other stable and well run manufactured housing land lease communities. These communities allow you to buy a home that is both physically and financially manageable. They further allow you to live in your own home and enjoy your home site to garden or play.

A house within your means keeps stress from your life and allows you to enjoy other opportunities. Get in on the Good Life! ®

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