Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Energy Star Homes and Appliances

Lowering monthly expenses is on everyone’s minds these days. A dollar we don’t have to pay for electric, gas or oil each month is a dollar we can use to pay down credit card bills, the mortgage, or into our bank account.

Buying a new Energy Star Home complete with Energy Star rated appliances reduces your monthly expenses below that of comparable homes and appliances. In fact, buying an Energy Star home may even qualify you for a larger home and mortgage due to the expected lower expenses. And once you have made the modest upfront investment, and energy efficient home is the gift to your family that keeps on giving every month and every year you own the home.

Manufactured homes are inherently tighter and less drafty than many site built homes. They are built in climate controlled environments, the framing lumber is more typically cut on larger and more accurate saws, and floor, wall and roof systems are framed on jigs to ensure good fit. The additional sealing, gasketing, and insulation typically needed to make a manufacturer’s homes Energy Star are easily completed in the factory setting.

So besides the money you can save with an Energy Star Home, you get the added comfort of a tightly built house. More information on Energy Star (including New Homes, Home Improvements, and Products can be found at:

Find out more at and “Get in on the Good Life!”

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