Monday, September 13, 2010

Everyone has their Own Story

Getting to know prospective buyers is one of the most enjoyable parts of our jobs at Jensen communities. Each person, couple or family has its own unique story. Each has traveled a different path in life. And we can honestly say that we have some very interesting and fascinating people with us!

People visit our communities and eventually talk to one of our sales representatives to learn about whether a move from their current home and property is in their best interests. Especially with the present state of the economy, no one want to jump out of the proverbial “pan and into the fire”. The goal is typically to find an alternative to what they have to a more accommodating living situation that will provide several advantages over what they have.
Many folks come from a single family home that they have lived in for years and perhaps raised a family in. The feelings that accompany abandoning that structure with all the memories that were created are hard to move on from. To paraphrase David Harper, who helps to train our sales team, “it isn’t the actual move that is so difficult; it’s the transition that is difficult”. And isn’t that true? The house itself doesn’t keep us from changing as much as the recollections of all the good times we have had. It symbolizes who and what we are.

But while inertia can be strong, the need to make a move usually grows with time. The desire to keep up a big home and yard just are not there anymore. Do we keep hanging on or move before it is too late? Various rooms in the house just don’t get used as much or at all. The stairs to the second floor bedroom become less attractive as well as the ladder to the second story gutters. The garden still provides satisfaction but not mowing and acre of lawn. And generally speaking, the time spent to maintain the house and yard would rather be spent on other pursuits or activities.

And while many people come to a Jensen community from a different road, they come to find a more accommodating home, yard and lifestyle. They want room to live, but not the areas that aren’t functional anymore for a smaller family. Almost invariably however, people have lived in and want to stay in a single family home (as opposed to an apartment or condo), just not in one that is so much work or so expensive every month. A manufactured house in a land lease community ends up to be the best of both worlds.

If there is anything that should motivate you if you are holding back on making a move, we hear new Jensen residents say all too often that they “wished they had made the move sooner”. The benefits of moving while you can really enjoy ales burdensome home that is very safely within your means are many.

Come see a Jensen community for yourself. Get in on the Good Life! ®

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