Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Easy Living Homes (CM)

Most homes were built to maximize the square footage that the target market was willing to pay for. Generally speaking colonial and Cape Cod style homes are the most cost effective to build per square foot of foundation. And with capes and colonials, we of course have stairs and most bedrooms on the second floor.

Many older homes are also built with a growing family in mind rather than for an active adult. So it is that many begin to “age in place” once the children leave the house and/or we work through the back nine of our working years only to find that the home is no longer just what we need. The yard is too much work, the upstairs bedrooms and basement laundry are tougher to access, there are rooms that don’t get used anymore and things just seem dated and tired. The question becomes “do we renovate and update or just simply make a move to a more accommodating and fresh environment?”

Renovating can be an answer but typically does not remedy all of the home’s shortcomings. It can be very costly to be able to make all of the changes desired. A one level ranch with a two car garage and a small and manageable yet private yard would fulfill the needs but are hard to find.

Jensen’s Brook Ridge in Hooksett NH is one such place and has now taken the concept one step further with homes designed for Easy Living.

The premise of Easy Living Homes (cm) is to allow builders an alternative to fully accessible homes that not every customer desires. EasyLiving Homecm features include:

· Easy Access with a step-free entrance from a driveway, sidewalk, or other firm route into the central living area.

· Easy Passage because the exterior door that provides the step-free entrance and EVERY interior passage door on the main level (including bathrooms) is at least a 3’0” or 2’10” door, or a 2’8” pocket door, or other solution that provides 32 inches of clear passage space. Closets are not required to meet the 32-inch clear passage standard, but this can be an added advantage when feasible.

· Easy Use with no less than one bedroom, a kitchen, some entertainment area, and at least one full bathroom with sufficient maneuvering space… all on the main floor.Brook Ridge by Jensen communities is in the process of completing its first EasyLiving Home. Although the final grading and paving are still in the works, you can see from the photo that main and garage doors can be entered without encountering any steps. Inside the home you will find mostly 2’10” doors and extra space provided in the halls, kitchen and baths.

Jensen has always specialized in building communities with single floor homes; it is now even easier to get into them. We can build all of our homes with the special features needed to make living in them easier as well as build fully assessable homes customized to a buyer’s individual needs.

Visit and go to the Brook Ridge (New Hampshire) Page to learn more or contact the Brook Ridge Team at 603-644-8800 or

“Get in on the Good Life!”® in an Easy Living Home(CM)

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