Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten Reasons to Buy a Home Now

Even thinking about making a move to a new home can be overwhelming with the trouble in the economy. Making a move is not for the faint of heart. Making the wrong move could make things worse but not making a move could mean missing out on a tremendous buying opportunity. A decision to sell one home and buy another needs to be done objectively and thoughtfully.

If you are on solid ground, here are ten reasons that making a move makes sense in this environment:

1. Home prices are at an all time low.
2. Financing rates remain historically low.
3. There is a lot of choice with the number of homes on the market.
4. Builders and other sellers are willing to negotiate from listed price.
5. Selling low and buying low is better than selling high and buying high.
6. If you are in a position of buying low, rent your current property and then sell when the market comes back.
7. Getting into a more financially manageable home can allow you to start saving for other needs like retirement again.
8. Moving to a more physically manageable home than your current home will improve your quality of life and give you more time to do what you want to do.
9. A move to a new town or place where you have always wanted to live can reinvigorate your life.
10. Lastly, why let life pass you by when you can accept the conditions for what they are and simply bite the bullet to make a move? What is is and we can’t change that.

A common theme we hear from new Jensen residents is that “we wished we had made the move sooner”. This not only speaks for the easy livability of our homes and communities but to the financial and social benefits they enjoy.

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