Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Beauty and Burden of Fall

Living in New England has always helped me to appreciate the fall. The days get shorter so there is more time after dark to do things inside the home. The cooler, crisp air is a relief from the hot days of summer. And who can argue with the change of colors no matter where you live? While the Northeast is a “Mecca” for leaf peepers, most every area of the country has some foliage change to appreciate.

Unfortunately, with a large home and site, fall can also be a real burden. Taking care of one’s home and yard can be a labor of love, but after doing it for many years, it can just seem like a lot of work. Do you really enjoy taking care of all those leaves? Is climbing a ladder to clean the gutters have you thinking about another way to live? Have you planted so many annuals and perennials that putting them to bed for the winter is now an arduous task? What was relaxing and enjoyable when we first moved into our home at some point becomes pure drudgery. For many, doing these jobs has not lost all of its appeal; it is simply the amount of time it takes to care for a large home and the volume or work (and debris) that overwhelm one’s strength and ability.
A single family home is the most desirable housing option for peace and quiet, convenience, independence and general quality of living. But, depending on the stage of life we are in, the right single family home can make all the difference between being a refuge or a burden. A smaller, single level, better laid out home on a very manageable lot can allow us to take on life with a lot more energy and vigor that will not completely tap our strength and will to do the things that we most enjoy.

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