Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Keeping the Holidays Simple

Staying home this Holiday?
Spending time with family and friends during the Holidays is really what the season is all about.  Invite the whole crew and create a gathering that everyone will remember. With the community environment at Jensen's, you'll always feel a sense of neighborly warmth and holiday spirit this time of year, making your home an inviting place for friends and family to visit. But remember, if you want to get the most of your family time, with as little hassle as possible, KEEP IT SIMPLE.
From food to decor, don't overdue it. Remember, having the Holidays explode in your house only means that you'll be spending hours and maybe even days, packing up, picking up and cleaning up, and let’s be honest, who really enjoys that? You'd much rather be strapping on your snowshoes, strolling around the neighborhood on a beautiful winter day, or taking off for the night to see your granddaughter perform in her winter recital.
Here are just a few tips to make things a little easier, so that you can spend more time with your friends and family and less time trapped in hosting chores:
1. The meal: You cook the main dish, and have everyone else bring a side dish and a bottle of their favorite beverage. That way, you won't have to do all the work, and everyone still gets to enjoy all of those holiday family favorites!
2. The decor: If you haven't already purged the decades of holiday decorations that everyone manages to accumulate way too much of, be selective this year. Only take out a few important pieces to help bring the festivity to life. A dash of garland there, a wreath there, and a hint of holly there, and viola, you've created the perfect festive setting for your friends, family and neighbors to enjoy.
3. The tree: Unless you still get a thrill out of going into the woods and slashing down your own tree, a pre-lit artificial tree is an economical and painless alternative. With almost foolproof assembly, all you have to do is adorn it with your favorite ornaments, and plug it in. And, if you're longing for that authentic pine-fresh smell, visit Yankee Candle and pick up their Sparkling Pine candle jar. No cutting, no watering, no needle shedding…it's that easy!
Happy Holidays from Jensen Communities. Enjoy!

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