Thursday, January 20, 2011

That “Ah-Ha” Moment

We’ve always enjoyed traveling. Before we were married, and before the kids soccer and baseball schedules took over our weekends, we used to take off every chance we could get. We’d truck up to Vermont to enjoy some skiing with friends at Stowe. We’d fly out to California to visit my cousin and her husband; head out to the Cape one weekend, and camp up in Maine the next. And then…well, you know how it goes. Life just gets too busy. Other things take priority over a plane ticket and the cost of a hotel, and before you know it, it’s been years since you’ve had a chance to get away.
Sitting in our neighbor’s living room on New Years day, three other couples we knew started talking about the incredible experience they had last winter on a Norwegian Cruise to the Mexican Riviera. After admitting having never been a cruise, they were quick to invite us into re-living their incredible vacation, and sharing with us how amazing the escape really is.
I had always seen the commercials- the laughing couple dancing the night away, a woman lounging on a towel-covered deck chair drinking a cocktail, and spread of irresistible food cast upon a long table, but I never really paid too much attention to those ads. It’s almost like you learn to block out the noise around you that doesn’t or won’t apply to your life, and at that time, it certainly didn’t apply. Something though, about listening to our friends recount their personal experiences spoke to me more directly than any TV commercial I had ever seen in the past.
Listening to people our own age, at a similar stage in their life, who had embraced their new found freedom of retirement and were relishing in the opportunity to travel, created this incredible “ah-ah!” moment. It was an odd feeling, really- uplifting, exciting and strange all at the same time. It made me sit back and realize, for the first time, that at this point in my life, something like this was a possibility. We’re no longer tied down by full-time jobs, soccer games and homework, and with a smaller home, lower living costs, the kids off on their own, there’s not too much in our way anymore. If we want to up and go on a weekend, for a week, or heck, even for a few months, the reality is that now, we can.  As our neighbors reminded us, we worked hard to bring ourselves to this point in our lives and the time is finally ours to do as we please with it, including re-igniting our passion for traveling- for experiencing new things and meeting new, interesting people, once again.
With the long, dreary days of winter upon us, the thought of a tropical getaway is so incredibly appealing, and for some reason, on New Years day, the desire to escape really pulled at me. A New England winter is settling in, but the vivid pictures of fiery sunsets, an endless array of interesting cuisine, countless activities and plenty of time for rest and relaxation made the outlook of what’s ahead for us come alive. After years of dedicating our time to everyone else, it’s time to seek out the adventures that we haven’t yet had a chance to explore.
And so, thanks to the encouragement of our Jensen neighbors, it’s official. Next on the retirement agenda: A cruise- to take to take us away, show us new places, let us sit back and relax, escape the winter cold, and sail away into a new, exciting part of our lives!
Bring on the adventure!
Get in on it

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Fuller Life Means Doing More of What you Want to Do!

The most enjoyable part of working with home buyers is learning about you.  To sell a home we need to understand the purchaser and as they say “what makes you tick”.  Determining the desired climate is very important and not something to be assumed.  All retirees are not heading south for 12 months a year once the kids have gone and they have said their good-byes to co-workers.  There are many ways for partially or fully retired folks to split their time to be in places they want to be more often.
At Jensen communities, we have you covered in a number of ways.  If you are looking for a warmer climate but still enjoy a bit of the four seasons, our southern locations in the Carolinas or in Georgia offer more consistently hotter weather but still give you seasonal changes for year round enjoyment.  And if you are looking to keep the Northeast as your home base, you can leave your home in a Jensen community for a few weeks or months knowing that good neighbors will keep an eye on it for you so that you can enjoy your time in the sun with some peace of mind.
When we get to the point of having the freedom to travel and a more flexible schedule, why shouldn’t we take advantage of the opportunity to do more of what we want to do?  Our lives have concentrated on working, raising a family, saving for various goals, and only sneaking in a trip or adventure when vacation time and obligations permit it.  We have focused on doing some important things that needed to be done, wouldn’t trade those rewarding obligations for anything, but are now ready to get to those things that we have always wanted to do.
And from our experience at Jensen communities there appear to be many different perspectives on what will help people live richer lives as active adults.  Some clearly will never give up work.  Some will be fishing or golfing every day they can.  Others will help with the grandchildren or nieces and nephews.  Volunteering or part time work will be mixed with hobbies and book clubs on certain schedules.  Extended RV or boating trips can now be achieved.
We know from working with many 55 and over buyers that they are busier than ever.  Our aim is to help you obtain more freedom to live an even more enjoyable lifestyle.
Get in on the Good Life!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Great Escape

We all know, the winter season could be a bit, well…depressing. While for a short time, it’s comforting and cozy to be snowed in on a Sunday afternoon, with nowhere to go and no one to see, after a while, the itch of wool sweaters and the discomfort of dry chapped skin has everyone dreaming of a warm-weather getaway. The last of the Holiday cookies have been consumed and with the celebration of the new year, comes the celebration of the new chapter of your life and all the freedom that come along with it- including the option to go and do as you please. While before, it was all about your kids, your career, and everyone else’s demanding needs, now is the time for you. It’s time to enjoy the adventures that will make you happy.
If the winter is already starting to wear on you, consider a warm weather getaway. During this time of year, with the Holiday travel rush slowing down, you can find affordable flights, on sites like, and Head down to Florida to soak up fresh sunshine and enjoy some golf. Pack your bags for that “always dreamed of” vacation to Hawaii, or get yourself on the internet to explore the endless options of affordable, all inclusive cruises that will sail you away to the tropics.
Now is the time to take off. You’re retired, you’re healthy, and you’re free and living your Jensen’s community lifestyle, it’s easy to just get up and go. You have a community of neighbors that will gladly keep an eye on your home while you’re gone, and the same community of neighbors that will be thrilled to re-live your adventures with you when you return.
At Jensen Communities, we know it’s not easy being stuck inside with gusting winds and below zero temperatures biting at your toes, so go on, get out of here! Escape to the sunshine. Explore paradise. What’s holding you back?