Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Fuller Life Means Doing More of What you Want to Do!

The most enjoyable part of working with home buyers is learning about you.  To sell a home we need to understand the purchaser and as they say “what makes you tick”.  Determining the desired climate is very important and not something to be assumed.  All retirees are not heading south for 12 months a year once the kids have gone and they have said their good-byes to co-workers.  There are many ways for partially or fully retired folks to split their time to be in places they want to be more often.
At Jensen communities, we have you covered in a number of ways.  If you are looking for a warmer climate but still enjoy a bit of the four seasons, our southern locations in the Carolinas or in Georgia offer more consistently hotter weather but still give you seasonal changes for year round enjoyment.  And if you are looking to keep the Northeast as your home base, you can leave your home in a Jensen community for a few weeks or months knowing that good neighbors will keep an eye on it for you so that you can enjoy your time in the sun with some peace of mind.
When we get to the point of having the freedom to travel and a more flexible schedule, why shouldn’t we take advantage of the opportunity to do more of what we want to do?  Our lives have concentrated on working, raising a family, saving for various goals, and only sneaking in a trip or adventure when vacation time and obligations permit it.  We have focused on doing some important things that needed to be done, wouldn’t trade those rewarding obligations for anything, but are now ready to get to those things that we have always wanted to do.
And from our experience at Jensen communities there appear to be many different perspectives on what will help people live richer lives as active adults.  Some clearly will never give up work.  Some will be fishing or golfing every day they can.  Others will help with the grandchildren or nieces and nephews.  Volunteering or part time work will be mixed with hobbies and book clubs on certain schedules.  Extended RV or boating trips can now be achieved.
We know from working with many 55 and over buyers that they are busier than ever.  Our aim is to help you obtain more freedom to live an even more enjoyable lifestyle.
Get in on the Good Life!

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