Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Great Escape

We all know, the winter season could be a bit, well…depressing. While for a short time, it’s comforting and cozy to be snowed in on a Sunday afternoon, with nowhere to go and no one to see, after a while, the itch of wool sweaters and the discomfort of dry chapped skin has everyone dreaming of a warm-weather getaway. The last of the Holiday cookies have been consumed and with the celebration of the new year, comes the celebration of the new chapter of your life and all the freedom that come along with it- including the option to go and do as you please. While before, it was all about your kids, your career, and everyone else’s demanding needs, now is the time for you. It’s time to enjoy the adventures that will make you happy.
If the winter is already starting to wear on you, consider a warm weather getaway. During this time of year, with the Holiday travel rush slowing down, you can find affordable flights, on sites like, and Head down to Florida to soak up fresh sunshine and enjoy some golf. Pack your bags for that “always dreamed of” vacation to Hawaii, or get yourself on the internet to explore the endless options of affordable, all inclusive cruises that will sail you away to the tropics.
Now is the time to take off. You’re retired, you’re healthy, and you’re free and living your Jensen’s community lifestyle, it’s easy to just get up and go. You have a community of neighbors that will gladly keep an eye on your home while you’re gone, and the same community of neighbors that will be thrilled to re-live your adventures with you when you return.
At Jensen Communities, we know it’s not easy being stuck inside with gusting winds and below zero temperatures biting at your toes, so go on, get out of here! Escape to the sunshine. Explore paradise. What’s holding you back?

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