Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Taking Charge and Foraging Ahead

We are all forced to take a look at our finances at this time of year at least as they relate to income taxes.  As April 15th approaches, we have no choice other than to get after this chore and responsibility lest we find ourselves in hot water with the IRS.
While we do have an obligation to Uncle Sam, we can look at our financial review as an opportunity to consider what our plan is for the future.  Do we have a plan?  Have we talked about it with our significant other?  Has our timing changed?  Is the plan realistic?  What adjustments could be made to make it feasible?  How much longer do I or my spouse need to keep working?  Could we scale back to part time and begin a semi-retired lifestyle?  Could I volunteer for a few years?  Would a change to a different home, town, state or country allow me to fulfill my plans?  Can we make changes to our current home that would make it more comfortable and attractive to remain in place?  How about a few years traveling the country in an RV?
Obviously everyone has different questions to ask themselves and different ways to answer them.  It can be so easy though to do nothing at all and just keep living like we are living.  For some this may be the answer.  For many, doing so would fly in the face of the plans dreamt up throughout our younger years of working and caring for others.
The important thing to mull over is how we can continue to be or perhaps become the person we want to be in life.  There are truly many ways to achieve this lofty goal but a move to a new home can be a liberating jump start.  It gets the juices following by getting us out of a routine (good or bad).  It helps us to see things in new ways.  It helps us to encounter new people and have new experiences that lead to new adventures whether big or small.
We are breaking out of some tough economic years but are heading into some of the best years of our lives.  Take control of your future and take a serious look at how you can “Get in on the Good Life” whatever that may mean for you.
If we can help in any way, please feel free to talk with a Jensen associate who will always be there to listen.

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