Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tax Season Is Here! Are You Prepared?

With tax season upon us and deadlines fast approaching, we thought we’d offer up some helpful articles to make the process, as painless as possible. From selling your old home tax-free to the latest 2010 tax breaks, Jensen communities break it down for you. Take April 14th head on and conquer this tax season with the knowledge and insight that will add a little something extra to your active retirement days!

Getting the most out of retirement money

Taxes: Driving down your 2010 tax bill

Selling your home tax-free

Changes that could affect your tax bill

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  1. TAX UPDATE! The tax deadline has been extended to Monday April 18th…so for those of us who are putting our tax planning off, we now have three extra days to file, thanks to April 15th being a legal holiday in Washington D.C.
    With the extra time you might find extra deductions. Check out these 16 tax deductions for 2011 from, and put that extra cash toward a weekend on the course!;col1