Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Most Successful Sellers and Buyers do their Home Work

While procrastinating is always an option, why wait until you have to?
Moving can be a stressful period with so much to think about.  Preparing a home to sell, including sorting out and de-cluttering, making the necessary repairs, and staging your current property, takes thought, time, energy and money.  But the more thought and action you put into it, the less stressful it will be.  And done right, it doesn’t have to break the bank.
Especially if you have years of accumulation and memories in the family home, you need to get into the right mindset.  Barbara Sperry, owner of Relocation Strategies, has helped o coach home sellers into thinking about their “current property” as a piece of real estate and to think of the property they will be moving into as their “new home”.  Being more objective and rational will help you deal with the inevitable cold hard facts in today’s real estate market.  And being realistic means a quicker sale at a higher price.
Tackle the sorting out and de-cluttering by going closet by closet and room by room.  Don’t forget the attic, garage and shed!  It will not be so intimidating if you take it one step at time.  Buyers do not want to see your home packed to the gills and with an excessive number of personal treasures.  They mean something to you but will not mean much to them.  You really do not want to move (or will you use) all of the things from your old home.  Clean out and throw out.  Give things to the family (if they even want them) or to a local charity.  There are professionals that can help you with these tasks.  The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) [for real!] has a Website to help you find a consultant in your area.  Please checkout:
Certain home repairs will help prospective buyers to view your home as their own.  The key is to complete repairs that will help show your home but not complete repairs that will not provide a return on your investment.  A professional home “stager” or real estate agent can help decide what repairs are truly needed.  This may change the decorating in your home, but will help broaden its appeal to more buyers.
The last step in preparing your home to sell is to arrange your furniture, artwork and nick knacks in a manner that best shows off each room.  A professional can either offer you a few hours consulting advice or complete the entire task (including providing furniture).  You may need to store furniture that is over bearing or simply too much for a given room.  The end result should be a home that a buyer can walk through easily and picture how they would live in it.
Usually preparing to buy is (and should be) the fun part.  It is exciting to look and research a new place to live especially with all the information that can be found on the Web.  But do your homework as well.  You want to ask good questions and compare your alternatives carefully.  Really consider the long term impacts of your choice.  Most people tell us they want their move to a retirement community to be their last big move!
At Jensen communities we stand ready to help coach and guide you through the selling and buying process.  So be proactive in your approach and preparations!  We look forward to helping you “Get in on the Good Life!” ® in a Jensen community.  Please see us at or call 800-458-6832.

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