Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Time!

 Spring Time!

At least along the East Coast we are starting to have some real good weather days.  But it is a typical spring with temps all over the board the emphasis needs to be “starting to have good weather”.  Springtime does however provide us with more play time with longer days, more energy because we are no longer cooped up inside and more motivation to spring into action since we are therefore generally less encumbered.
It seems like more people have hobbies and passions outside of work these days.  The roads are thick with runners and bikers of all ages.  Golfers are already hitting the links.  Gardens are being tilled and turned over.  Motorcycle men and woman are out in force.  The Boomers in particular seem to have a multitude of hobbies they currently enjoy and to look forward to in retirement.  We don’t just work to live anymore, we work to live and play and we want the time and money to do it.
Given the economic times, many people have had to rethink when and where they can retire.  Investments have lost ground, savings have been reduced, and that means we may have to work longer than originally planned.  If that is the case, why not adapt a strategy that will make us more fully enjoy the prime of life?
Time and money are important to a happy retirement.  And while one can argue that more money could make life much easier, perhaps having time is at least just as important.  Besides our jobs and our dependents, our homes consume a significant amount of our time, funds and energy.  Are we slaving away to pay for a current home and lifestyle that doesn’t allow us to save for our future?  Does working to make mortgage payments or other housing expenses make more sense than to save for our future so we don’t have to work for the rest of our lives?  Does the amount of time, funds and energy we spend on our current home and yard equate to the amount of satisfaction and enjoyment received from it?  If the answer is yes, stay put and enjoy your home!  But if the answer is no, then downsizing your home and yard can be a big step towards   a better lifestyle you really want.
So what is holding you back from doing the things you really want to be doing?  Take control of your life and spring into action this spring.  Make changes that will give you more time for your passions and more discretionary income to enjoy them.
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