Thursday, May 26, 2011

Be Ready for Your Next Move

Deciding whether to move or not isn’t always the hardest part.  It is the transition from one place to another that is difficult.  Very often we find that prospective homebuyers know that they really want to move or that they have to move due to changing health, mobility or finances, but lack the motivation to make it happen.  Inertia in one’s home can be a powerful force that holds us back.  But, we also find that those happiest with their new homes were proactive and moved before something happens and they had to move.
Once you identify the desire or need it is time to begin your homework to sell and research to buy.  The more time and energy you put into these tasks the smoother your transition.  In most cases prospective buyers have a home to sell.  This will entail identifying and interviewing the best agents in your area who can help assess the condition of your current property. Determine what repairs or enhancements are needed for the best selling results, and at what price the home should be offered.  In today’s market, it is paramount to put your best foot forward from the onset.  This includes cleaning, de-cluttering, throwing out, replacing, repairing, upgrading, storing and staging to make your home attractive to lookers.  If you follow this advice, your home will stand out because far too few sellers understand the importance and impact of these essential steps for a successful sale.  If agents had ten dollars for every time they could say “I told you so” to a seller who didn’t listen four or five months into a listing they could retire and not need to sell another home.
Besides the condition in which your home is to be shown (inside and out), the initial asking price is equally important.  And keep in mind that a really clean and appointed home does not out weight it being overpriced.  You are far better to price the home at today’s “fair market value” than trying to get: a) what you need, b) what your neighbors got three years ago, or c) what you put into it since you have lived there.  None of these matters.  Today’s buyers are very savvy about what a home should sell for and will not pay anything more.  You stand to lose months of fruitless showings that will simply frustrate you without a sale.
While you research the purchase of a new home, consider the benefits you are looking for.  What is it about your home that you want to keep?  What do you want to change?  Keep a list and cut out photos to help you focus on what you want.  Consider that even those of us with some more years of work before retirement can see the benefit of a more accommodating house.  We won’t want stairs.  We won’t want rooms that we don’t use.  We will want space to entertain family and friends.
Many of today’s homes incorporate Universal Design which is meant to enhance a home’s livability for anyone that might live there.  Fewer stairs, no step entries, convenient switches, easy to use levers and latches, and reachable shelves make a home attractive today but possibly essential in the future.  We hear very often that customers want this to be there last time to put down new roots.  You can help ensure that will be the case by thinking ahead of not only where you want to be but how you may need to live in the future.  So be ready for your next move.  Start getting your home ready while you are still enjoying it.  Start looking into the alternatives on the market or in a new town or city before you are ready.  When the time comes, you will be able to make a smooth transition to your new home.
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