Thursday, May 5, 2011

Don’t Just Invest in a Home, Invest in a Lifestyle

Home buying is a huge decision- and we know that. It’s especially hard when it involves downsizing; when you’re forced to accept changes in your life that aren’t always easy to accept- like growing older, kids moving on, and not being able to keep up with all the necessary things required to keep a big family home running. Being emotionally ready to make the big transition is the most important factor of all, but once acceptance has sunk in, we assure you, there’s a whole new lifestyle waiting for you to walk into.

According to this article from the National Association of Home Builders, , the need to become more practical as we enter into our 50’s and 60’s is significantly increasing across the nation, and with the state of the economy, it’s really no surprise. In the article, it’s noted that those who have “moved into an age-qualified community reported the greatest satisfaction, rating their homes and communities a nine” on a scale from one to ten. Not surprisingly, too, the top two reasons for people making the transition into an adult active community included:

  • Living closer to family
  • Getting more house for less
    For all practical purposes, it just makes sense to transition into a living situation that simply better suits your needs, and it’s great to see that the raw facts support that. With Jensen’s land–lease concept, you certainly do get a whole lot more for your money, but in addition to the financial benefits, there’s so much more value that you get with the purchase of your home. 

    The benefits of making the move are clear. So, think practically. Take a deep breath and go on start exploring your home buying options. Take it from the people who have already made the change, reap the incredible benefits that a 55+ active adult community can offer and start living your carefree lifestyle today.

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