Thursday, May 12, 2011

Should 55 and over buyers wait out the current real estate market?
Being a home seller today is no fun.  There is so much competition from other homes including bank owned, short sales, foreclosures and other distressed sales.  It feels like you’re giving away even a real nice home in a good location.

But while there are many reasons that make this market tough for sellers, those same reasons makes it an advantageous time to buy a home.  In a buyer’s market you have so much more choice than when the market is tight.  You also have more time to decide since homes stay on the market longer than usual.
As they say, “everything is relative”.  Is it a better idea to wait and sell at a higher price when you will also buy at a higher price?  Or should you make a smarter move now, even though you will sell at a lower price you will buy much lower too?  We also need to keep in mind with possibly higher selling and buying prices in the future, interest rates could increase too.
Active adult buyers are usually looking at more than just a new home.  A change at this point means more than just a new place to live.  This is a time when one’s lifestyle offers more freedom with an empty nest.  It is an opportunity to make more time for things we want instead of have to do.  We have spent years maintaining the old home and big yard, and even if we still want to get our hands dirty and the thumb green, we don’t want to be burdened with hours of chores every night or weekend.  A shift to a smaller home and yard or a community that offers full lawn care can allow for more enjoyable pursuits and make our lives better!  The time is ours to redefine and reallocate as we desire.
Be proactive about your future!  Test the waters and see what is on the market that would provide you with a better lifestyle.  A new home in a new location can inspire a new sense of freedom and opportunity.  The key is to price your home at fair market value.  Make repairs suggested by your realtor.  Then stage your home with the help of a professional to appeal to home buyers.  By taking these steps you will maximize your selling price, use those funds to buy a more advantageous and competitively priced home, and move on to a better life.  In the end you will be glad that you moved ahead instead of hesitating indefinitely in a home that is no longer meets your needs.
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