Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Fourth of July, We Proudly Salute the Brave

For as far back as I can remember, the Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. There’s just something about the scent of a charred barbeque sifting from the grill, the energy and sense of community at the local town parades, and the celebratory fireworks bursting over the summer sky, that makes me so truly grateful to be an American.

As parents and Americans, we couldn’t be more proud of the men and women who serve in the armed services, and more blessed to have them back home and safe on US soil, to celebrate our nation’s freedom and remind us what this holiday is really all about.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend everyone- and a special thanks to all of the brave men and women who give this holiday real meaning. We proudly salute you and thank you for your brave service.

Living the good life,
Get In On It

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Sweet Taste Of Summer

The summer is in full swing and after a long winter, I’m especially looking forward to the warm, relaxing days ahead, to kick back on the patio, soak up the sunshine, and (most importantly) to get the grill all fired up for the weekends of fresh outdoor feasts ahead!

Being the big foodie that I am, I spend a great deal of time online, constantly searching for new recipes to try out. In the process of searching for the perfect summer meal for visitors that are joining us at our home this coming weekend, I came across an article posted on, that gave me just the variety I need to create the ideal summer meal that will “wow” my friends and family.

Check out this sweet summer menu- not only does this meal sound delicious…but it’s healthy too! 

Vegetable Kabobs

Whisky Glazed Chicken

Romaine Hearts Mediterranean Salad

Three Color Potato Salad

And..for desert…

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Off to start prepping!

(Tastefully) Living the good life,
Get In On It

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Enjoy Community Amenities

When you live in a free standing single family home all your life do you really want to compromise when you decide it is time to right size?   Most people still prefer to live in their own home without anyone just a wall or floor away.  An apartment or attached condo just doesn’t have the look, feel and benefit of a detached home especially when you can have it all on one floor.
A home with just the right number of rooms and space for today’s needs simplifies your life and positions you to save money or put it to other uses.  It also gives you more time (and less work) to do the things that you want to do.
This time of year you may be getting together with family and friends.  Consider Mothers and Fathers Days, high school and college graduation parties, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, Summer Vacations and other gatherings with loved ones.
A new home in a private community will allow you to reserve and have larger parties in the Clubhouse or even an outdoor pavilion.  Rather than having everyone in your house, use the community common areas as an extension of your living room.  It allows you to have a larger group in a comfortable space.  Cook if you want in the clubhouse kitchen; it may be just the excuse you need to cater the event by using a favorite restaurant.
A new home and a new community provide more options and opportunities.  It is a time to start new traditions when families come to grandma and grandpa’s place!  You don’t have to compromise but rather end up with the best of both worlds: your own home and private community benefits.
Get in on the Good Life!®

Friday, June 10, 2011

Less Home Means More Money in your Pocket

All around the country we are hearing that home sizes are shrinking.  Well, we hate to say “we told you” so but “we told you so”!  A home in a Jensen community has always been about getting what you need for a comfortable lifestyle.  What we offer is a rightsized home that suits empty nesters or a small family.  The homes come on a rightsized lot to provide privacy but without all the work of a large family home.  Also, keep in mind that Jensen does the heavy lifting when it comes to utilities, shrubs, trees, driveways and other expensive items that you have to deal with when you own the land.
Less home and yard importantly means more of your time is your own.  At life after 55, don’t you have things you would rather do than take care of a big house and yard?  Don’t get me wrong, it is real nice to be outside and enjoying the yard but a 30 minute yard is much more attractive at this point than a 3 hour yard.  More time to read golf, see the family, volunteer, work, enjoy hobbies – you name it!
So when you have a home that is sized to please, sized for comfort and easy living, it will ultimately keep more money in your pocket than in the bank that holds your mortgage.  A smaller more manageable home takes less to heat and cool (especially with Energy Star Certification), uses less electricity, costs less to repair, keeps your taxes lower, and won’t take as much time or effort to clean.  A home on a leased lot means you can buy a home for much less than a house/land package and without all the headaches.  Why not save your back, your time and your pocketbook?
As we all try to make up lost ground with the recent economic woes, please consider how a very comfortable and “Simply Affordable” home in a Jensen community will help you get more value for your money to enjoy more of your life.
Get in on the Good Life!®

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

‘Tis the season for Dads and Grads…to go digital with the top 5 tech gifts!

June is here and it’s time to celebrate! Looking for the perfect gift for the Dads and Grads in your life? We’ve done a little digging and it looks like technology is topping the charts this year, as the some of the best gifts to give.

According to this particular article from that we stumbled upon, the top five tech gift ideas for Dads and Grads this year are:

1. Tablets and E-Readers
2. Digital Cameras
3. Personal Audio Gear
4. Computer Notebooks
5. Smartphones

While every Dad and new Grad can appreciate a new tie or leather wallet- we’re pretty confident (from all the technology devices we see being used by people in our community) that these hot technology gift ideas will get them excited. So, from all of us at Jensen Communities, send your Grads off into the future with 21st century necessities and keep all your favorite Dads up to speed. Hook them up with the latest and greatest- and be the “coolest” gift-giver on this side of the Jensen Community fence!