Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Enjoy Community Amenities

When you live in a free standing single family home all your life do you really want to compromise when you decide it is time to right size?   Most people still prefer to live in their own home without anyone just a wall or floor away.  An apartment or attached condo just doesn’t have the look, feel and benefit of a detached home especially when you can have it all on one floor.
A home with just the right number of rooms and space for today’s needs simplifies your life and positions you to save money or put it to other uses.  It also gives you more time (and less work) to do the things that you want to do.
This time of year you may be getting together with family and friends.  Consider Mothers and Fathers Days, high school and college graduation parties, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, Summer Vacations and other gatherings with loved ones.
A new home in a private community will allow you to reserve and have larger parties in the Clubhouse or even an outdoor pavilion.  Rather than having everyone in your house, use the community common areas as an extension of your living room.  It allows you to have a larger group in a comfortable space.  Cook if you want in the clubhouse kitchen; it may be just the excuse you need to cater the event by using a favorite restaurant.
A new home and a new community provide more options and opportunities.  It is a time to start new traditions when families come to grandma and grandpa’s place!  You don’t have to compromise but rather end up with the best of both worlds: your own home and private community benefits.
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