Thursday, July 14, 2011

Get out on the water this summer and paddle away!

Think about heading out to the Farmington River in Collinsville, CT or the many inlets along the east coast to enjoy a day of kayaking fun. If you are not already an avid paddler, it will completely convinced you that this is the perfect activity to rejuvenate the mind and spirit, and stay active this summer!

Here are just a few great reasons to hop on in and get paddling:

#1: Anyone can do it! The best part is, you don’ have to be a super-athlete to enjoy kayaking. Just hop in and go at your own pace, and enjoy the graceful movement of cruising over the smooth water beneath an afternoon of sunshine.

#2: It’s a low risk activity! The forward paddling stoke that’s required in kayaking is low impact/low risk, so especially if you’re paddling over a calm lake, you don’t need to worry about injury.

#3: It can be as relaxing or intense as you make it! Whether you’re just looking to take in the natural surroundings with a calm cruise through a lake or the bay, or want to test your skills at a more intense level on a rapid-filled river, kayaking offers options for every level.

#4: You’ll burn calories and lose weight while you paddle! Even if you’re taking it easy, the simple act of padding really does burn calories! (In fact, an average 145 pound person can burn around 435 calories per hour!)

#5: It’s great for the mind and soul! Calm-water kayaking, especially, can be used as a form of meditation. The relaxing tranquility of being surrounded by nature and being one with the water, can completely rejuvenate your mind and spirit.

#6: You can head out solo, or make it a group outing! Whether you’re looking for an afternoon to yourself of peace and quiet tranquility, or you want to gather a whole crew to enjoy the day with, kayaking can offer you both.

So, there you have it- another great way to stay active and enjoy the good life this summer.  If you’ve always thoughts about getting out there and just never “took the plunge,” we encourage you to give it a try! Who knows, kayaking may just be your new found passion in retirement!

Happy paddling everyone!

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