Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In a Neighborhood it’s the People that Make the Community

When you buy a home in a Jensen community, you are not only getting a fine home and beautifully landscaped home site but a neighborhood and lifestyle as well.  With others who are retired or on their way to retirement, you will find similar interests and appreciations that changed over the years in the old neighborhood.  People look after each other again.  Someone is always around to take in your mail, paper or trashcans if you are gone for the day or on an extended trip.  Need a ride to pick up your car?  Call Al or Mary down the street and they will be glad to help.  That’s what makes a community a real neighborhood.

It doesn’t take long to make connections.  You will find friends of friends, acquaintances of family members, former work mates, guys in the same lodge, and the waitress you’ve seen at the coffee shop for years.  If you enjoy crafts, golf, biking or model railroads?  So do they!  We had two old WW II buddies unknowingly move next door to each other.  They hadn’t seen each other for over 40 years and had a lot of catching up to do!  We don’t have to tell you what a small world it is and how enjoyable it can be to reconnect.  And it’s not only the grandkids that are doing it on Facebook.

While each Jensen community has differing levels of activities, it is up to each individual to decide to get involved in the social life and to what degree.  As we move from work to retirement, we see folks move from remaining very active in the greater community to becoming more active in our clubs and clubhouses.  Many stay active with organizations, clubs, groups, churches, schools, leagues for years and enjoy it because others do too.  A move close to home let’s you keep enjoying the things you like to do (without time needed for home and yard work).

If you are considering a move to a new state, a community Clubhouse helps to promote camaraderie between neighbors.  It gives you ways to get connected and enjoy each other as well as common hobbies and interests.  Take a group trip to a show or the shore for a scenic dinner.  Enjoy breakfast or lunch with just the girls since the guys are off golfing.

Seasonal golf, bocce, horseshoe, shuffleboard, and other various leagues get residents together on a regular basis and create opportunities for some friendly competition.  You may be surprised who the really skilled players are! If you like to play bocce, Hillcrest located in Uncasville, CT held a kick off picnic and are in full swing. To read the article click here Hillcrest Bocce Picnic

We invite you to learn more about what goes on in a Jensen community and who you just might find living here!

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