Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A New Home can be a Permanent Staycation!

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A move from an oversized empty nest should provide numerous opportunities to improve your lifestyle.  We would guess that most people still want to enjoy their family and friends as they transition from work to retirement.  But they would like to do so without some of the stress that comes with maintaining a home that no longer suits today’s needs.  Many older homes were built with more rituals and customs in mind that aren’t always followed today.  Guests are seldom restricted to the formal areas of our homes any longer.

Let’s face it, we all pretty much live and entertain in the kitchen, so why not make it the center of your new home?  The “great room” concept isn’t just named that way for the size of the space; it is also the best place to prepare and eat food as well as enjoy your home with others at the same time.  A less formal eating area (think a nice kitchen rather than dining room table) next to but separate from an island or bar can free you up from the traditional dining room model.  We all seem to be moving away from overly fancy meals (and away from the dining room table) towards more casual and fun food which ties right into the direct from kitchen to table approach of the great room design concept.

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The casual life of a 55+ buyer has less emphasis and need for a formal living room and separate family room.  We can now arrange the living area of the great room to serve both purposes: a family refuge and to entertain guests.  Our family and friends can now be around the kitchen and food preparation areas, and also easily migrate to the comfortable seating in the family room, still be near the action.
When our homes are designed for the way we live in them today everyday can feel like a vacation and you may never want to leave home again!
We would love to hear from our readers!  What are you looking for in a new home?  What are some of the ideal features that you hope to find?  What room configuration would make your lifestyle more accommodating and enjoyable?
Get in on the Good Life!®

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