Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do I stay or do I go?

Being the new guy on the scene here, I suppose I should introduce myself. For now, I’ll go by Flyin’ Free – partly because of my deep passion for fly fishing, but more so because it gives me a little hope for my retirement future. Believing that one day soon, I’ll be flyin’ free, is my first step toward getting there.

I’m in my early 60’s and I’m not sure if any of you around my age have experienced this, but for the last year and a half, I’ve been lying awake at night fighting the idea of making the “big change” that some of my retired friends have already bit the bullet on – selling my current home and purchasing a smaller home in a community setting.  I’m usually not one to fear a lot of things, but for some reason, the ideas of packing up the past 25 years of my life (which is a  hellava lot of stuff) and giving up the space that I’ve grown so used to over the years, hasn’t been an easy one for me. I just don’t feel like I’m quite that old yet.

The thing is, I have a lot of friends who have made a move and they’ve had nothing but great things to say about it. I just don’t know if I’m quite convinced yet. I get that my life is changing- I get that I need a change (and I want a change that will reduce the time it takes for chores). But is selling my home, paring down most of what I worked for so long- really the right decision for me? 

My friends seem to think so. In fact, they won’t leave me alone about it. With the children out and their homes much emptier, they say there are tons of benefits to it all and that it was “the best move they ever made.” At the community where several have bought homes, they all have what they want (some, have even nicer homes than where they lived before), with really everything they need, and then some. They all seem pretty happy too…no regrets and they sure do have a lot more free time these days.

Looking out at the now oversized yard that I’ve been taking care of myself for over 25 years and enjoy less than I used to, you sure can tell that my priorities are beginning to change. The grass is a lush picture of perfection but why am I cutting so much of it? The problem’s been, I find that I’d much rather be out fishing than spending my Saturday afternoon riding around on my mower.  Who wouldn’t?

Maybe these guys are on to something with this community living idea.
Flyin’ Free

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