Thursday, August 25, 2011

Float on my friends, float on

August is my absolute favorite month of the summer. It’s in these last few weeks that things really start to slow down a bit, in a good way. This month gives us a time to breathe, a calm four weeks to do with our time whatever we please as well as getting to see the grandkids before they go back to school. And being the retired, independent woman that I am, this year, I’m enjoying this end to summer in a whole new way.

I decided last weekend to spend a full day of complete relaxation in the pool. I lathered on the sunscreen, grabbed a pile of magazines and the neon raft that I had bought a few weeks before, and headed down to the pool. The best part about the day is that I had no chores to take care of, no lunch to prepare for anyone and no other obligations other than fulfilling my “me time” - and ladies, if you know this feeling, there’s nothing better. 

I spent the entire afternoon, sunken into my raft sifting through the pages of home decorating ideas and new recipes, dozing off from time to time, taking in bits and pieces of the conversations going on around me and chatting with others when the mood struck. I even slipped into the cool water every now and then to wade around, tread some water, and take a few laps. I felt like a kid again- and it was amazing. 

A few times, a family of little girls visiting their grandparents caught my attention with their cute little giggles and excited activity.  Instantly, I was brought back to the busy, crazy days of taking my own kids to the pool for a swim. The flood of memories came back clear and sweet…and while I wouldn’t trade those days and those memories for anything in the world, I must admit…I’m quite okay with all of this “me time” but also looking forward to spending vacation with my daughter’s family at the end of the month.

Floatin’ on,
Get In On It

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