Thursday, August 18, 2011

From Dawn ‘Till Dusk, the Rest of the Summer is All Yours

The summer is winding down, which means there are only a few short weeks left of the warm breezy temperatures before the seasons turn again and the chillier days are upon us. So, now that the big heat wave is behind us, we want to encourage all of you to take full advantage of spending as much time as you can, being outside.

The days ahead are of course, all yours, but here are just a few ideas to make the most of these last few weeks of the season:

Start Fresh: Wake up early to get in a full day. Start the day off right with your coffee or tea out on the patio (summer mornings really are the most peaceful time of the day).  Even you night owls should try this once in awhile!

Get Moving and Mix it Up: Pick a different outdoor activity for each day of the week, from now until the end of summer. It could be bike-riding, a day at the pool or a little game of pickle-ball. Whatever floats your boat - as long as you’re out there staying active and enjoying the warm fresh air around you.

Wind Down: There’s nothing like ending an active summer day out on a lawn chair at dusk, with a great book. Here are just a few of the summer reads that CNN Entertainment is calling their favorites:

            -Maine, by J. Courtney Sullivan
            -A Dance with Dragons, by George R.R. Martin
            -House of Holes, by Nicholson Baker
            -Once Upon a River, by Bonnie Jo Campbell
            -The Year We Left Home, By Jean Thompson

Dine Outside: It doesn’t matter whether you choose to fire up the grill at home or treat yourself to a dinner out, as long as your fresh summer feast is spread out over an outdoor table. When the cooler air makes its way for us, we’ll be longing for these breezy, open air meals.

However you choose to enjoy the last days of summer is entirely up to you, but until the leaves begin to turn and we make our way into yet another winter season, get on outside. While the days are still long, warm and bright, you surely deserve to soak up every minute.

Here’s to a happy and healthy end to summer!
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  1. If Judy Wade can jump out of a plane on her 82nd birthday, you can too! Okay, so perhaps an activity this extreme may not be for you, but we hope that in these last few weeks of summer, this video inspires you to take life by the reins, try something new that you’ve always wanted to do, and never ever act your age. Enjoy!