Thursday, September 29, 2011

At a “Freedom Party,” Everyone Wins.

I have to say, the ever-growing amount of “stuff” that we all seem to accumulate, even in the shortest amount of time, is truly mind blowing. Despite going through a major purge before the move into an active adult community, somehow in the last few months, I’ve actually begun to see that old clutter pile up again. I admit…while there have been some new additions since I moved, there are also some items from my old home that never quite made it into the dumpster (and truth be told, they should have). Somehow, they managed to find their home in our new home, doing exactly what they had done before the move - taking up space and collecting dust. 

After 8 full months of prioritizing my new experiences over the material collections in my life, I’ve never been more accepting of the fact that “things” are only “things”. I’ve realized that if I could sell even just half of the things that I don’t use anymore; the things that aren’t serving much of a purpose, I could score myself a nice little pool of money to actually put towards new retirement adventures- like a trip away or a nice dinner out.

In revealing this thought to a friend of mine in a recent conversation - she mentioned to me a creative way to say “farewell” to the clutter: “A Freedom Party,” she called it…and here’s how it works:

-Gather a group of people together from your community to hold a “multi-family” tag sale. This way, she said, getting rid of your stuff won’t be such a traumatic blow. When you do it as a group, the group support helps to lessen the emotional effects of the process

-Plan a “sign-making” night (wine and cocktails included) where you all get together a few days before the big sale to construct your “freedom party” signs together

-Split the cost of all supplies needed (price tags, sign materials, etc.) a local newspaper ad to promote the sale, and even lunch and beverages for everyone for the day(s) of the sale

-Make it a real “party” by including balloons and other party favors. Not only will this make it more fun, it will distract you from focusing on what you’re losing, and remind you of what you’ll be gaining (“freedom” from unnecessary “things”). The party décor will likely also attract a bigger crowd to your sale.

What could be better than creating a whole social event around getting rid of all our old stuff? It certainly sounds like a great idea to me. You and your friends could laugh together at the things “you just couldn’t get rid of,” share the memories that you have from each item, enjoy a few cocktails, and actually make some extra cash off this stuff!

While I haven’t yet coordinated one of the parties myself, I’d love to know if you have – or if you’re planning one soon. Fall is certainly a great time for tag sales…(I mean, “Freedom Parties”), so if you do end up putting together a sale like this, please let me know how it went! I’ll even leave with you this little ad that you might just be able to use to promote your sale!

Getting older stings…
but things…are just things.
So come by our sale,
and we’ll tell you a tale…
of the memories behind
that old teacup you find.
For whatever we sell,
From that lamp to this bell
You’ll help this old crew
Move away from the past
and on to the new.

The Junk-Be-Gone Master,
Get In On It

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