Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It is Good to Have Help with the Heavy Lifting!

Hurricane Irene raised havoc all along the East Coast.  It is bad enough to weather the storm; the work can be grueling getting our homes, yards and lives back in order.
This doesn’t get any easier the older we get.  Cleaning up the yard from the storm, fixing the roof shingles, cutting down and removing limbs and downed trees, unclogging stopped up drains, and all the other “joys” of homeownership after a storm.
An advantage of living in a private 55 and over community is that the management team is always around to do the heavy lifting.  While people may be responsible for their own homes and yards, contractors are hired to do the major tasks of removing tree limbs and downed trees.  A coordinated effort takes place to methodically clean up the entire community after a storm or hurricane.  Don’t get me wrong, there is no magic, just a professional and attentive effort from the staff that make a big difference in the time and energy it takes community residents to get back on their feet and put the neighborhood in order.
Getting power back on can also sometimes be aided by the number of homes affected.  When an entire community can be restored by repairing a few key connections, it may and usually does get attention sooner in the priority list.
With many of Jensen’s communities along the Eastern Seaboard, we saw our share of Hurricane and Tropical Storm Irene.  We welcome you to tour our communities and see how quickly we bounce back.  In the meantime we thank our residents for their patience while we get back on track, our employees for their extra effort to take care of our customers and the many linesmen who will be working for weeks to restore electric service.
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