Thursday, September 15, 2011

It’s Back to School Time (and that means you!)

With August turning the corner into the early days of Fall, we’re sure you know at least a handful of busy parents and anxious students getting ready to get back to school. But, how about you? Have you ever considered hittin’ the books again, and taking a class or two in a subject that you’ve always felt passionate about?

At Jensen Communities, we truly believe that learning should be a lifelong process.
In fact, there’s no better time than now to enroll in a program where you can take on a new skill, meet new people and keep your mind rockin’ and rollin’. During your retirement days, you not only have the time to spare, but you have the life experiences to know what truly makes you tick, and what kinds of new things might bring you joy and pursue a passion that you were never able to.  

Not sure how to even begin going back? Colleges and universities all over offer opportunities through Lifelong Learning programs or continuing education.  Courses include anything from traditional academic programs to more lifestyle oriented classes including:

·         Literature
·         History
·         Religion
·         Philosophy
·          Science
·         Art
·         Architecture
·         Economics
·         Computers
·         Finance
·         Jewelry making
·         Photography 

For the most part, these courses don’t even involve tests or grading. They are simply courses, for the pleasure of taking courses and learning something new. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Classes for the Fall are filling up, so hurry.  Contact your local college or university and inquire about the continued education classes or workshops that they might be offering. Also, don’t forget to also ask about senior discounts, tuition or fee reductions and even government provided tax break benefits, which will make this experience even sweeter. At certain community colleges, you might just have the opportunity to sit in on a class for free –all you have to do is ask!

Happy learning everyone!
Jensen Communities

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