Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Family Values

Our Company founder and my grandfather liked to remind us that there was only one way for a company to go bankrupt: too much debt.  His cutting edge vision for building land lease communities using modestly priced factory built homes, coupled with his depression era mentality towards avoiding debt, help him to steadily grow the company from cash flow and kept Jensen’s on sound footing for years.  In the process, we have helped thousands of families live within their means in comfortable homes and nice neighborhoods.

When his son (my Father) took over the Company reins he maintained those sound practices.  At that point we could take on some debt financing with a portfolio of communities that would assure lenders they would be paid back.  He continually developed banking relationships where our lenders would take the time to understand our business and how we chose to use leverage.  This strategy continues to work well today and has kept debt to a minimum and our Company sound even during these troubling economic times.
A family or retirees home is very typically their largest asset.  When equity has been built up over many years, it can provide a financial cushion and a resource.  Especially in retirement, we get to choose whether “we own our home” or “our home will own us”.  Too much home will not allow us to enjoy much else.  Owning a home that fits our desired lifestyle and our resources can provide freedom and independence.  There is no better way to retire.
Our Company’s financial strategy is one that has worked for many of our residents.  They live within their means, they use debt wisely and only for practical purchases like homes or vehicles, and define for themselves how they want to live.
With Thanksgiving behind us and the yearend holidays approaching, consider your family values and what is really important in your life.  Consider what your home is doing for you and the need for all the stuff in your home.  It may be time to right size your lifestyle to a home that is within your means and values.
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