Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flyin’ Free | Freedom for the Big Boys

Since my move, things just keep getting better. It’s Fall – and for all of you fans out there – that means one thing: it’s football season…the best time of the year to be a true sports fan. 

      While for most of my life, I’ve been enjoying every kick off and every tackle of my favorite team- I admit, the games this season, have been more enjoyable than ever. Now that I’ve rid my life of a bunch of time-sucking things that used to take away precious Sunday hours – like cleaning the leaves out of my gutters, raking leaves, mowing the lawn and getting lost in an all-day garage cleaning project, these days, Sundays are on the up and up. Now, I can do what I want – when I want, without much of anything holding me back.

      This weekend, I’m heading to the big game with a crew of my buddies. We’re packing up the grill and stocking the cooler with favorite foods and libations, and going out bright and early to do a little tailgating. We were even able to score seats right behind the fifty yard line.

                                                                                     Sure, we may be a bunch of burly old men – hanging out with our team sweatshirts and baseball caps- but deep down, we’re still boys, with the same passion and zest that we’ve always had.  In our early 60’s, we’ve been called off the sidelines – and I’ll tell ya, life can’t get any better than this…

  Still in the game.

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