Friday, November 25, 2011

I Give Thanks….For My Retirement Freedom

Every morning this Fall, I’ve started my day out with a brisk walk through the neighborhood.  Around 5 am, the world around me is quiet and still, and the air has a refreshing way of clearing my head, making it the ideal time for some personal reflection.

On my walk this morning,  I got to thinking about how truly grateful I am for the life that I’ve had so far – and for the life that I’m able to live with so much freedom, now. It’ll be almost a year since I made the move into retirement and community living, and since then I’ve had the chance to enjoy the simple pleasures in life with a matured appreciation and entirely different perspective than I ever had before.

The fact that I’m free to do whatever it is I want to do – whenever I want to do it – has made this part of my life so enjoyable.   Without the chains of obligation holding me down, I can pick up grandchildren on a whim and take them apple picking, spend a whole day chatting with my girlfriends over lunch, and even take off for a weekend for an enjoyable overnight somewhere out of town.

And the best part is – even though I’m retired, I still have the energy to do it all. I certainly don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon.  This time is all mine – and I’m enjoying every waking moment, with passion and energy of a teenage girl.

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