Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TGFG (Thank God For Generators!)

Storm Alfred provided the Northeast with an early look at winter on October 29th and 30th with six to twenty-four inches of wet heavy snow which caused severe damage to trees that still had many of their leaves.  Where leaves had already fallen, the damage was fortunately much more limited.  In southern New England, it was sad to see so many otherwise strong and well structured trees burdened by the weight of the fast falling snow.  Many smaller ornamental varieties were simply stripped of their branches.
Of course wayward branches and toppling trees mean power outages.  Jensen communities has been installing generators for our clubhouses for just such occasions and had fortunately done the same for our Corporate Office this past summer.  We feel it is important to provide our recreation facilities with backup power for community residents to use as a safe haven from the elements when power goes out.  They are not official storm shelters, but they’re well used after periodic weather events for residents to gather together for camaraderie (or commiserating!), cooking meals, charging battery operated phones and appliances, and even for sleep-overs.
It is also important that we keep our Corporate Office open as a communication center.  Residents need assurance that damaged trees will be attended to and fallen branches will be removed from home sites.  We become a clearing house for information that can be passed on to friends and neighbors in areas quieted by the storms.
One can argue that the climate is definitely changing and the frequency of storms is increasing, but the fact remains that FEMA asks us all to be prepared to take care of ourselves and our families for at least three days.  Please see their preparedness guide at  For many in the Northeast, three days was just the beginning.  We will all need to be sure to prepare for the worst (and hope for the best) with supplies, resourceful thinking and a backup plan (a generator or place to go) when power goes out at home or work.
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