Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Groupon Celebration

With the New Year upon us, chances are you’ve already made a commitment to get yourself to the gym five days a week, or to give chocolate up for as long as you can handle it. While I’ll never argue that healthy resolutions like this are important, I’m making a different kind of commitment that I believe is just as important. It’s the promise to myself to try as many new things as I can - and with a little help from a website called, I’ll actually be able to stick to that resolution, without breaking the bank.  

Haven’t heard of Groupon? Oh, you’re going love this. Here’s the deal (no pun intended):  the service is based on the idea that with so many options out there of things to do, sometimes it’s just easiest for all of us to stick to the outings and activities that we’re most familiar with, or just stay in and hang out at home. What typically ends up happening is that we miss out on all the great things that our own city or town has to offer, because they either aren’t top of mind or we don’t think a different experience is worth the price. What Groupon does is encourage you to go out and try new things by offering incredible discounts (I’m talking HUGE deals) on great local restaurants, activities, classes, shows, and even travel. 

If you’re looking to fill your year with new adventures, all you have to do is head over to the Groupon website and sign up for free, for the daily email alert. Then, when there is a deal to be had, you’ll receive an email letting you know what the deal of the day is. It could be anything, from discounted vineyard tour, to a bed a breakfast getaway, unlimited yoga classes, restaurant deals, spa packages, or even a chance to fly your own plane – all for up to over 50% off what the activity would typically retail for. 
Life is too short to let great experiences pass you by. This year, instead of holding yourself from the things you love –think about giving yourself opportunities that make your year one you’ll never forget. The year ahead is fresh with possibilities, so go ahead and check out Groupon, sign up and be sure to keep me posted on the new and exciting things you’ve had a chance to try!

Bring on the New Year – and all the new adventures to come!

Get In On It

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Old Rules Don't Apply

I like to think that there have been times in the past when we have been able to count on plain old steady investment growth.  You know, just a regular seven percent (7%) on our savings and 401k and the benefit of compound interest.  It is frustrating for those who have discipline and save through dollar cost averaging, to not find investments that will simply pay off with regular deposits into retirement accounts, or other future needs.
It is the essence of financial planning and what makes it so difficult.  Over time, all we face are ups and downs; some are just more extreme than others.  We therefore cannot achieve a strategy that will work for our time horizon and risk tolerance.  We need a plan that will allow us sleep at night.  In “normal” times, the old rules could still net a decent payout.  But with stocks, bonds and cash all still in a state of flux, it is even harder than ever to know what to do.
Especially for those planning to retire in the next few years, it can mean placing retirement plans on hold until their investments perk back up.  Unfortunately, that could be a long wait.  In the meantime, perhaps we should not let life just pass us by and as AARP The Magazine notes in Live For Today, Save For Tomorrow, planning to work longer may be a good strategy  to accomplish our financial goals, and have the  needed funds to retire later, all while we still enjoy our current status.  No matter what our age, as we enter the new year, we should have a strategy in place to plan for our future and retirement.  Rather than focusing only on the difficulties we face in the current economy, we need to embrace a long term view of our financial decisions that can help ride out these tough times and redefine what a meaningful retirement will mean to each of us.  The old rules don’t apply, but each of us has the power to take control and make our own.
Get in on the Good Life!®

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Enjoy A Fresh Start

Over the years, we’ve heard from so many of our residents that when they downsized their homes into something more manageable, their opportunities to do more of the things they loved, only grew. Most say, “I wished we had done it sooner”.

The finances that many of our residents once dropped on heating their older, oversized homes, on home repairs, and on paying the teenager next door to clear their driveways in the winter, now goes toward the vacation they always dreamed of taking. To the years’ worth of yoga classes that keep balance in their lives and to the cooking or fly fishing classes that they always wanted to take - but never before had the extra money for.

With a new year, comes a fresh start and a clean slate. An open road, full of possibilities and chock full of opportunity. It’s a whole new year, and if you’ve been dreaming about having that extra bit of money in your hands to do with what you please, and considering taking the plunge into an adult active community – there may be no better time than right now with home prices the best they have been for years.

Are you ready for your fresh start?

Jensen Communities

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Boomer Love Affair With The iPhone

Truth be told, I’m not exactly a techy kind of guy. I’d much rather be spending my afternoon in the great outdoors than wasting my time in front a computer screen. So, as I’m sure you can imagine, when I got the iPhone this year for Christmas, I looked at it a little funny. I had always had my basic little cell phone – it made the calls I needed it to and as far as I was concerned, it served its purpose. I had no idea how I’d ever get use out of this advanced little gadget that had been handed to me in a perfectly wrapped Christmas box. 

Well, everyone- it’s only been a week now, and to my surprise (besides my very first fishing rod) this phone has become the coolest thing I ever laid my hands on. I mean that. Honestly, it does it all.  

After a lot of playing around and mingling with some younger folks in my family, I’ve figured out how to make so many things in my life, so much easier with all these apps that I’m not sure how I ever lived without. To mention a few, I’ve just downloaded the ihandy level to do some odds and ends around the house, the ESPN app to keep up with the scores and news on all my favorite sports teams and even connected to my bank to pay my bills online and for easy access to all my account information. 
Through what they call Facetime, I now even have a way now to connect with my family and friends who aren’t close by – which is my favorite part. I get to talk to them AND see them – all on this one little screen. 

From a flip phone to a smartphone – I guess you could say, I’m a changed man. I’ve got the whole world at my fingertips and I’m not missin’ a beat!

Keepin’ up with the times,
Flyin’ Free

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Online and Informed

Finding information online makes all kinds of buying decisions easier.  And now with smart phones and tablets in addition to our desktop computers, wherever we are we can search for information.  I was recently at a tire store and unsure if I was getting accurate information or just a sales pitch.  As soon as I could make a quick query on my smart phone, I was able to validate that the information the guy at the counter gave me and that it was the best solution available.  There is nothing worse than feeling you have been taken and my phone saved the day.
Whether your purchase is big or small, accurate information is the key to being fully educated on your purchase and the company behind it.  One frustration I have when searching for data is not finding who the people are that represent the company and their phone number so I can call to speak with them.  Sometimes the online process is incomplete and you just want to talk to a real person.
Both are important to us at Jensen communities.  We have just updated the photo on our website “About Us” page.  We are not only proud of our heritage but of the people in and behind our company.  We work hard on a process where issues are handled by the appropriate staff, but also keep our top executive’s accessible if a customer or resident needs to speak to someone up the ladder.  You will find our 800 number for Jensen’s Corporate Office on our Website and numbers for each office readily available.
We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in 2012.  From all of us at Jensen communities, we wish you a Happy New Year!
Get in on the Good Life!®