Thursday, January 12, 2012

Enjoy A Fresh Start

Over the years, we’ve heard from so many of our residents that when they downsized their homes into something more manageable, their opportunities to do more of the things they loved, only grew. Most say, “I wished we had done it sooner”.

The finances that many of our residents once dropped on heating their older, oversized homes, on home repairs, and on paying the teenager next door to clear their driveways in the winter, now goes toward the vacation they always dreamed of taking. To the years’ worth of yoga classes that keep balance in their lives and to the cooking or fly fishing classes that they always wanted to take - but never before had the extra money for.

With a new year, comes a fresh start and a clean slate. An open road, full of possibilities and chock full of opportunity. It’s a whole new year, and if you’ve been dreaming about having that extra bit of money in your hands to do with what you please, and considering taking the plunge into an adult active community – there may be no better time than right now with home prices the best they have been for years.

Are you ready for your fresh start?

Jensen Communities

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