Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Groupon Celebration

With the New Year upon us, chances are you’ve already made a commitment to get yourself to the gym five days a week, or to give chocolate up for as long as you can handle it. While I’ll never argue that healthy resolutions like this are important, I’m making a different kind of commitment that I believe is just as important. It’s the promise to myself to try as many new things as I can - and with a little help from a website called, I’ll actually be able to stick to that resolution, without breaking the bank.  

Haven’t heard of Groupon? Oh, you’re going love this. Here’s the deal (no pun intended):  the service is based on the idea that with so many options out there of things to do, sometimes it’s just easiest for all of us to stick to the outings and activities that we’re most familiar with, or just stay in and hang out at home. What typically ends up happening is that we miss out on all the great things that our own city or town has to offer, because they either aren’t top of mind or we don’t think a different experience is worth the price. What Groupon does is encourage you to go out and try new things by offering incredible discounts (I’m talking HUGE deals) on great local restaurants, activities, classes, shows, and even travel. 

If you’re looking to fill your year with new adventures, all you have to do is head over to the Groupon website and sign up for free, for the daily email alert. Then, when there is a deal to be had, you’ll receive an email letting you know what the deal of the day is. It could be anything, from discounted vineyard tour, to a bed a breakfast getaway, unlimited yoga classes, restaurant deals, spa packages, or even a chance to fly your own plane – all for up to over 50% off what the activity would typically retail for. 
Life is too short to let great experiences pass you by. This year, instead of holding yourself from the things you love –think about giving yourself opportunities that make your year one you’ll never forget. The year ahead is fresh with possibilities, so go ahead and check out Groupon, sign up and be sure to keep me posted on the new and exciting things you’ve had a chance to try!

Bring on the New Year – and all the new adventures to come!

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  1. I like this groupon idea because I've never been really socially active in our community. I barely even know my neighbor. I guess this is what my grandparents who are in retirement communities New York are telling me.