Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Online and Informed

Finding information online makes all kinds of buying decisions easier.  And now with smart phones and tablets in addition to our desktop computers, wherever we are we can search for information.  I was recently at a tire store and unsure if I was getting accurate information or just a sales pitch.  As soon as I could make a quick query on my smart phone, I was able to validate that the information the guy at the counter gave me and that it was the best solution available.  There is nothing worse than feeling you have been taken and my phone saved the day.
Whether your purchase is big or small, accurate information is the key to being fully educated on your purchase and the company behind it.  One frustration I have when searching for data is not finding who the people are that represent the company and their phone number so I can call to speak with them.  Sometimes the online process is incomplete and you just want to talk to a real person.
Both are important to us at Jensen communities.  We have just updated the photo on our website “About Us” page.  We are not only proud of our heritage but of the people in and behind our company.  We work hard on a process where issues are handled by the appropriate staff, but also keep our top executive’s accessible if a customer or resident needs to speak to someone up the ladder.  You will find our 800 number for Jensen’s Corporate Office on our Website and numbers for each office readily available.
We look forward to hearing from you and working with you in 2012.  From all of us at Jensen communities, we wish you a Happy New Year!
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