Friday, February 3, 2012

What does "the Good Life" mean to you?

Time is truly one of our most precious personal resources.  There is only so much time in a given day, week or year. When I was really young, I remember thinking that I would never get to certain stages in life like driving, graduating from high school and college, voting, drinking as an adult.  Then with work and small children, time became very valuable because of the competing priorities.  Now on the retirement side of 50 and carrying an AARP card (and not bashful about getting those hotel discounts), time is of the essence to enjoy the hobbies and people that are important.  I can only imagine as life goes on that time will become priceless.
At Jensen’s we find that those seeking a new home may do so for several reasons.  These usually include the physical, financial, social or locational discontent of their current property.  There is always a strong desire to improve on one or more of them and find a way to enjoy “the Good Life”.  The need to change may be pro-actively talked about or unspoken.  When working with a couple, we appreciate that each of their needs, wants and desires may not always be the same.
Here are some common scenarios and examples of homes that would offer improvement:
People don’t realize making a move can not only benefit them physically but will improve their lifestyle and ultimately provide more free time to do things they really want to do.  With a smaller home and yard, there is simply less home and lot maintenance and more time for “the Good Life”.
  • The New homes with newer features have fewer things to repair or replace. 
  • When the community owner does the heavy lifting, you don’t deal with the bigger issues involved with community and home ownership.
  • You can walk the streets in the neighborhood or use the exercise room in the clubhouse, and don’t have to drive across town to the health club.
  • With friends and neighbors to enjoy a meal with, we go out to eat whenever we want and don’t need to shop for food so often.
So many things to enjoy: friends, grandchildren, family, hobbies, sports, opportunities to travel and volunteer, fun part time jobs, and things to learn, why not free up some time to take advantage of this part of your life?  Consider what “the Good Life” means to you and act on a plan to achieve the desired changes!  Like many of Jensen’s current homeowners, you will wish you had done it sooner!
Get in on the Good Life!®

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