Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Comfort in Disguise

One of the things we hear a lot from the neighbors within our communities is that they love living in a home that fits every one of their aging needs – but that doesn’t stick out as looking “different” than any other traditional home inside and out.

They love how their open floor plans not only allow them the space they need to get around – but also the space they need to entertain. If they have trouble walking stairs, they don’t have a clunky stair lift creating
an eyesore in their home – but instead, they benefit from a bedroom on the ground floor, so that no one would ever know that they actually had trouble.

Unlike the obvious signs of an aging household that can make it look like a nursing home, personally selected universal design elements allows you to keep the aesthetic beauty of a regular home, with subtle nuances that make the home work to your advantage. Think fewer steps, wider doors, hallways and extra space in the kitchen and baths. Think lever locksets, rocker light switches, double hung tilt-in windows, kitchen pull out shelves and comfort height toilets. The designs and features allow you to “age in place” – to grow with you, from middle age and beyond and to accommodate you when you need them.
Oh, and the best part is – you’re the only one that needs to know that things are built…just a little “different” J.

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