Friday, April 27, 2012

Stay Active, Stay Busy, Stay Around

Our blog topics for the month of April have focused on health and activity.  With really nice weather up and down the East Coast this winter and so far this spring, I have no excuse for being in better shape!  It’s hard to find the motivation to exercise when I have the time and as hard to find the time when I am really motivated to work out.  But it’s a gift from Mother Nature to walk or run outside (in CT) more than usual over the last four months.  With the weather becoming consistently warmer, I look forward to more walking, running and biking, and other healthy activities all through the warm season.

Being healthy and active takes more effort as we age. These are generally high goals for those preparing for and already retired.  Who wants to be tied down due to health issues, if they can avoid it with good eating, sleeping and exercising habits?  With more time on our hands why not take advantage of it?  One suggestion often touted by Runner’s World is to set some goals and sign-up for running events.  That way we have something to work towards with our training.
There are a lot of fun ways to keep you motivated.  Signing up for an exercise class, running group, golf league, tennis round robin or masters swimming will focus your training.  Perhaps you can make it in the National Senior Games!  The important aspect of exercising however should ultimately be to enjoy it while you are doing it rather than looking at is as drudgery.  Finding some physical activity that you really enjoy will keep you going back for more.  Finding activities that you can enjoy with other people may help even more and build some long lasting friendships.
And besides being healthy and active for ourselves, how about for those we really care about?  Initially, we need to be self-motivated to undertake a change to our exercise habits.  But let’s face it, if we can keep up with our children and/or grandchildren on a walk, bike ride, paddling, surfing, playing tennis or golf, how much more fun will we have in retirement?
See you out there,
Kris Jensen III
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