Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting By With A Little Help From My Friends

I heard a funny thing the other day – which got me thinking. Apparently, some researchers in Australia found that there seems to be a link between plentiful social connections and longevity. Strangely enough, studies had shown that elderly people who enjoyed an active social life with their friends were more likely to live longer than those with fewer social interactions.

When I first read this, I got a bit of a laugh over it, but in thinking about it further; – it started to make a whole lot of sense. Especially as I get older, I find that it’s when I’m surrounded by my friends or even my neighbors here in the community, that I get a feeling of youthfulness again. I’m sure you can all relate – no matter how old you are:  it’s the act of laughing until your stomach hurts, enjoying great conversation over a great meal, or circulating around a room and connecting with new people who bring a whole new perspective to your everyday. It’s a feeling of fulfillment, of both newness and of comfort.

The article went on to say, that these social relationships actually stimulate the neurochemistry of the brain to help it stay healthy.” It’s a good thing to know – especially for those of you out there who think that getting older means sitting on your couch all day and watching Wheel of Fortune.

Now that you know that engagement with others is vital component of adding some extra years on to your life – I’d say it’s time to get off of this computer and start mingling!

Community soirée, anyone?

Get In On It

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