Monday, June 18, 2012

Celebrate Summer!

From graduations to weddings – there sure is a lot to celebrate in the month of June. What most of us sometimes forget though is that beyond these events that we traditionally celebrate, there are a whole lot of other reasons to celebrate, every day of the year.

Whether it’s with a bottle of champagne on your 58 ½ birthday or an outdoor BBQ on the anniversary of your trip to Alaska, Jensen Communities® encourages you to take the time to celebrate this great life you’ve been given, with a list of things that we think are worth a celebration.

  • Celebrate your family
  • Celebrate your friendships
  • Celebrate having more time to do the things you love
  • Celebrate the anniversary of you move to a Jensen community
  • Celebrate the completion of your first half marathon
  • Celebrate your age  - no matter what it is
  • Celebrate your health
  • Celebrate affordable living
  • Celebrate the places you’ve been, the place you’ve just traveled too and the places you’ll go.

As we kick off summer, it’s a great time to celebrate. From all of us here at Jensen Communities® we ask you to help us add to this list of all the things worthy of a celebration –and send us pictures of how you’re enjoying those moments. We’ll then go ahead and share your photos on the Jensen Community Facebook

Go ahead, start celebrating and don’t forget to submit those pictures!

Jensen Communities

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