Monday, June 25, 2012

Creating Moments That Matter

Last Thursday marked an exciting milestone in my granddaughter Sophie’s life. It was the day of her 8th grade graduation.

For weeks before the big day, I wracked my brain over what I could give her to celebrate her accomplishment. I didn’t want it to be just any old gift like money or a piece of jewelry. I wanted it to be special; something she’d remember long after I was gone.

Then it came to me. Since she was a little girl, she had always loved taking photos. She’d always snag her mother’s camera at parties or different events and snap whatever she could – getting a thrill out of her work (even if it happened to just be the floor, or the side of someone’s head). As she’s gotten older, she’s continued to hold on to that passion, hanging beautiful prints by Ansel Adams all over the walls of her room, and even saving up her own money to buy her own nice camera.

So for this perfect graduation present, I decided to enroll Sophie in a photography class at the local community college for a few weeks this summer. With an interest in the hobby myself, I thought - what could be more special than taking the class together? We’d have the chance to learn something new and be able to spend a few hours a week – just she and I, creating moments together that I hope, neither one of us would ever forget.

On the day of her graduation, I stuck the receipt to the class into a card and when she opened it up, the look on her face was truly priceless. She was so thrilled that I even got the “you are the coolest grandma ever!” line - which of course brought a huge smile to my face.

In just a couple of short weeks, we’ll be starting the class, she at age 13 and myself at 62, and will prove that no matter what stage you are in life, there’ll always be the opportunity to embark on a new adventure.

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