Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Financial Independence

I just read a great article from AARP Online titled Celebrating Financial Independence - 4 keys to help you achieve debt-free living” by Jeff Yeager (June 20, 2012).  Independence Day and personal financial independence are uniquely American.  In what other country do citizens have so many rights, freedoms, opportunities and choices!
This Blog was actually first called “A House within Your Means” and we appreciate the four principles the articles advocates and supports as a means to true financial freedom that all income levels can obtain by making good choices.
We can be tempted by many lifestyle choices.  Deciding to live within our means may be one of the most important for both our self-confidence and self-worth.  Aspects of the American Way promote buying big and spending more but going back to the basics of paying ourselves first and saving up for purchases is also very American.  The pride and freedom of burning one’s mortgage or cutting up our credit cards is liberating.  While a certain amount of debt is sometimes necessary for housing, vehicles and college, working and saving to avoid debt in the first place is a better solution.
This is certainly where choices come into play.  We only need to buy what we really need.  We have the choice not to keep up with others who are mortgaging their future as well as their piece of mind.  Particularly in retirement, who really wants to be stressed with finances?
So as you celebrate the Fourth of July, consider your current plans and the choices that can provide you will independence.
Kris Jensen III

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