Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who Says You Can’t Go Back?

There used to be a time when the end of summer meant going back to school - getting new supplies, picking out the perfect outfit and figuring out which friends shared your classes.  But just because you’ve long since graduated, we think there’s no better time to get back to the classroom.  And who says you need to learn math or English in that classroom? 
There are all kinds of classes available to those who are willing to learn.  Local parks and recreation departments, local colleges and universities, and even some local businesses offer classes that are not only affordable, but will also give you the opportunity to meet people like you.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to paint or play guitar.  Or maybe, you’d like to perfect your favorite hobby, whether that’s cooking or taking photos.  Even better, convince a friend (or two!) to sign up with you.
At Jensen Communities®, we think age is just a number – and you’re never too old to learn something new.  So let the kid in you play a little – sign up for a class and have fun!
Jensen Communities

Surf, Sand & Fun in the Sun

Summer has always seemed like the calm before the storm to me.  The balmy weather and time outdoors is refreshing.  And once the fall and the hectic holiday season are upon us, I realize just how enjoyable those lazy summer days can be.  They’re perfect for spending time with family, and that’s just what I did with an impromptu family adventure.
From the time I was a small child, I have always loved the beach – and I certainly passed that appreciation on to my kids.  So when a craving for the sound of the waves hit me the other day, I made a few quick phone calls and got the whole brood together for a family trip to the beach.
It was perfect.  We spent the entire day in the sun, my kids and grandkids and me.  I relished in the sound of their laughter as we splashed in the water, boogie boarding and body surfing in the waves.  We walked the beach hunting for crabs – though I was the only one brave enough to catch them.  We even had built a sand castle, complete with a moat – and I earned the title of King of the Sand Castle from my grandson!  On the drive home, my daughter looked at me and said, “Thanks Dad.  Today brought me back to my childhood, and I’m so glad we could all share that together.” 
Hearing that made me smile.  Retirement has given me the opportunity to take advantage of my time, to live on my schedule and to share it with those I care for the most.
Life’s a beach!
Flyin’ Free

Soaking Up The Sun

I’ve always been a gardener.  I love the beauty of a garden ready to be harvested – the cascade of colors, and so full of life! I like to watch the dizzying dance of bumblebees, butterflies and even a hummingbird or two as they go to and fro through the rows.  In fact, being able to have my garden once I downsized was part of my decision to move to the community.  I knew I’d love my new home once I realized that downsizing meant I’d have more time for my vegetables!
This summer has been different, though.  Where there was a time I challenged myself to grow as much of a variety as I possibly could, this year I decided to really put my skills to the test.  I was on a mission to grow the perfect tomato. Nothing was going to stop me from growing the biggest, reddest and juiciest tomato anyone had ever seen!
I spent hours researching techniques and preparing the perfect growing spot.  I started three plants from seeds, and waited for the right time to plant them outdoors.  I tended to them everyday, feeding them and giving them the attention that would yield the best tomatoes ever.
Of course, all of this time outside started to attract attention.  There’s always someone riding by the house on his bike, or walking by.  Every time someone saw me out, they’d stop to see how my mission was going.  Pretty soon, I had a list of people wanting to put my tomatoes to the test!
Well, this past weekend they were finally ready.  It seemed like the whole community came out to see the first official taste!  And I must say – they were the best.  Everyone agreed!
I have to admit – though I was proud of my tomatoes, the best part of growing them was getting everyone involved.  When you live with people like you – who are active and enjoy life – you want to share things with them.  And getting to share the best tomatoes I’ve ever grown made the fruits of my labor even better.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Are You Tied Down to Your House?

Has your home become your house?  When the house seems larger and emptier than years ago it’s time to move to a new home that makes your life easier.
A home is more than just four walls and rooms that makes up a house.  It is the place we live, eat and sleep.  Our home is also the place we grow up and perhaps raise a family.  We create memories and traditions.  Moving seems like giving in.  But as our lives change, the place that was once our home becomes more of a burden than a joy.  The things we enjoyed and took pride in have become more laborious.  The extra rooms, the gardens, the grass and leaves, and the major projects like painting, roofing and driveways that need to be replaced are burdens we should consider giving up.
Especially at this time of year with nice weather, vacations and family gatherings, do you really want to be tied down to your old house?  Or are you ready to find a more practical home and place to enjoy new experiences, meet new friends and create new memories?
For many people a new home in a manufactured housing land lease community is the answer.  You can buy more house for less of an investment and lease a home site in a community where the staff does the heavy lifting for you.  You get to live in a home that is right-sized for what you now need and do away with as much of the work as you want.
Today’s manufactured homes can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire; the choice is yours.  The home designs have clean well-built lines and the interiors just sell themselves.  You can click here and see a two minute tour of a decorated model home that was sold to one of the first customers who saw it.  This home was built by the Commodore Corporation of PA and is located in Jensen’s Forest Hill community.
As you enjoy the summer and perhaps struggle with the maintenance that is required on your current house, start thinking about how you can get more out of life with a home that makes sense and more importantly is easier on your back, mind and wallet.
We would be glad to help you.
Kris Jensen III
Get in on the Good Life!®