Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Soaking Up The Sun

I’ve always been a gardener.  I love the beauty of a garden ready to be harvested – the cascade of colors, and so full of life! I like to watch the dizzying dance of bumblebees, butterflies and even a hummingbird or two as they go to and fro through the rows.  In fact, being able to have my garden once I downsized was part of my decision to move to the community.  I knew I’d love my new home once I realized that downsizing meant I’d have more time for my vegetables!
This summer has been different, though.  Where there was a time I challenged myself to grow as much of a variety as I possibly could, this year I decided to really put my skills to the test.  I was on a mission to grow the perfect tomato. Nothing was going to stop me from growing the biggest, reddest and juiciest tomato anyone had ever seen!
I spent hours researching techniques and preparing the perfect growing spot.  I started three plants from seeds, and waited for the right time to plant them outdoors.  I tended to them everyday, feeding them and giving them the attention that would yield the best tomatoes ever.
Of course, all of this time outside started to attract attention.  There’s always someone riding by the house on his bike, or walking by.  Every time someone saw me out, they’d stop to see how my mission was going.  Pretty soon, I had a list of people wanting to put my tomatoes to the test!
Well, this past weekend they were finally ready.  It seemed like the whole community came out to see the first official taste!  And I must say – they were the best.  Everyone agreed!
I have to admit – though I was proud of my tomatoes, the best part of growing them was getting everyone involved.  When you live with people like you – who are active and enjoy life – you want to share things with them.  And getting to share the best tomatoes I’ve ever grown made the fruits of my labor even better.

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