Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surf, Sand & Fun in the Sun

Summer has always seemed like the calm before the storm to me.  The balmy weather and time outdoors is refreshing.  And once the fall and the hectic holiday season are upon us, I realize just how enjoyable those lazy summer days can be.  They’re perfect for spending time with family, and that’s just what I did with an impromptu family adventure.
From the time I was a small child, I have always loved the beach – and I certainly passed that appreciation on to my kids.  So when a craving for the sound of the waves hit me the other day, I made a few quick phone calls and got the whole brood together for a family trip to the beach.
It was perfect.  We spent the entire day in the sun, my kids and grandkids and me.  I relished in the sound of their laughter as we splashed in the water, boogie boarding and body surfing in the waves.  We walked the beach hunting for crabs – though I was the only one brave enough to catch them.  We even had built a sand castle, complete with a moat – and I earned the title of King of the Sand Castle from my grandson!  On the drive home, my daughter looked at me and said, “Thanks Dad.  Today brought me back to my childhood, and I’m so glad we could all share that together.” 
Hearing that made me smile.  Retirement has given me the opportunity to take advantage of my time, to live on my schedule and to share it with those I care for the most.
Life’s a beach!
Flyin’ Free

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